Tory Burch: Embroidered Linen Tunic, Merino Oversized Mockneck Tunic, Silk Shirt

Since it’s always hard to find IRL Reviews of Tory Burch items I will share the few things I tried on, in case you are shopping the Black Friday THANKS promo.

~ Embroidered Linen Tunic, size 8 ~

I almost missed out on a tunic I wanted in the Spring and luckily found it on-sale in my store one day. I wasn’t about to miss out on this tunic once I saw it. The green embroidery on the linen is really pretty. The size 8 is TTS though the “mid-length” sleeves are full-length on me.


~ Silk Shirt, size 8 ~

I have a fun Kate spade silk blouse and absolutely love it. This one is different enough to add to my closet. You probably won’t be able to see the print layered under a sweater but a cardigan or blazer will be good to wear over this. The size 8 was just a little snug in the arms but a size 10 was fairly big through the body. I just stuck with the size 8.


~ Merino Oversized Mockneck Tunic, Wheat Melange, Small ~

I have seen this each time I went into the store but never tried it on. That was probably due to the weather not being cool enough to warrant interest in trying on sweaters. This is meant to be oversized so I decided to try a Small. Though the arms, with a drop-shoulder seam, are a little snug, the sweater fit well everywhere else. Sizing to a Medium would have been an excess-fabric-disaster. You’ll notice that the mockneck, and sleeves, are ribbed which creates a faux v-neckline; very flattering.

You’ll have to pick something else to get you to the $250 mark for the promo though, since it’s on sale at $177. As much as I also wanted the Gray I decided to order the Wool Henley Tunic in the Earl Gray Melange instead, along with the Wool Jacquard Tunic. I went with a Small in both of those as well.


I love all of my items I buy from Tory Burch. I have returned a few things but only because I realized they were not practical in my daily life. I have only had one minor issue with the hem of a silk blouse unraveling but I find that to happen to a lot of my silk shirts. My dry cleaner is so good they always hem it back up for me at no charge.

Happy Tory Shopping! Don’t forget to use code THANKS for 30% off $250 or more.