J Crew Factory November

The Factory rolled out a small collection with some Holiday and party items. I was actually interested in the lounge and sleepwear this time around. The Printed Flannel Pajama Short is cute in the Cove Blue, which is the same little Scottie Dog as the Intarsia Sweater. I would probably wear the Dog in Hat Collector Tee with it.

Of course, you should have expected the popular Elephant Skirt from retail to go to Factory. I also have the retail version of the Shiny Stripe Mini Skirt that rolled out two years ago.

I’ve recently been thinking of old JC holiday items and was trying to find the Confetti Sequin Sweater or Dress on ebay. Factory brought it this season in a tee, the Confetti Sequin Tee. I actually like that option a lot better than a sweater since I can layer it better under a blazer or wear it on warmer winter days, which we do have. The Tailored Tweed Blazer seems to have a similar collar as the old school Bella Blazer. I don’t have the neckline for the popped collar blazers so I have passed on them in the past. I could never do the popped collar on my “preppy” polos when I was younger either.

I haven’t made any purchases yet from this roll-out. If I do it will be from the lounge/sleepwear section.

What did you think of this Factory rollout?