J Crew: Boy Shirt in Crinkle Gingham, Thomas Mason Flannel Shirt in Stewart Plaid

I’ll start my reviews with two shirts I ordered a few weeks ago during one of the many promos.

~ Boy Shirt in Crinkle Gingham, Jade, size 8 ~

I loved the Jade color online and had envisioned wearing it with my Viridian Green Wool Pencil Skirt from a few years ago. It’s one of the few pencil skirts that have stayed in my closet. Anyway, the shirt fit well in my normal size 8. The shoulders and arms weren’t tight and it’s just a normal button-down shirt fit.


I loved the color when I saw it in the package. It’s a nice vibrant green. This didn’t seem as “crinkled” as one I have from a few years ago. I’m sure it will get that way if you wash it. I decided that even though I could wear it with my pencil skirt and two green sweaters I have, I probably wouldn’t gravitate towards it like I do a few other button-downs I have. I ended up returning it and haven’t looked back. But, I still love the color!


~ Thomas Mason Flannel Shirt in Stewart Plaid, size 8 ~

I have been wanting to try Thomas Mason for J. Crew for years but didn’t have a need for dress shirts. But I was looking to maybe replace my Tartan Plaid from a few years ago. The size 8 fit ok. You can tell it’s pulls a bit across the chest. Also, in the online photos of other Thomas Mason shirts there is seaming in the back to give the shirt more shape and not look so boxy. This shirt didn’t have that.


I think I would still take the size 8 and adjust the buttons as needed. Though the name of this shirt says “flannel” it wasn’t very flannel-thick as I would expect. I did like the feel of the material. It was comfortable. The sleeves were a little long but would work layered under a sweater and cuffed. The pattern is smaller than the Perfect Shirt in Stewart Plaid.


I ended up returning the Thomas Mason shirt as well since I have the Tartan Plaid and it’s working for me ok right now.

I’m curious if any JCA’s have tried any Thomas Mason shirts in the past. Are they really worth the money? Do most of them have the seaming in the back?