Bauble Bar “Amigos”

BaubleBar has started their Friends & Family event. Currently, through Friday, you can take 25% off with promo AMIGOS. I am only really needing some new accessories to jazz up my Fall/Winter closet so this is a nice promo for me.

I want a slim pendant and like the stone of both the Oberon Pendant and the Organic Landscape Pendant.You can select different stones for that one, which is even better. I have only just started wearing gold jewelry in the last few years and have only one rose gold bracelet. The Slim Bar Pendant would match that nicely.

Who’s a GoT fan? The Khaleesi Bracelet is just for you! There are several bracelet trios to choose from. I like the Maxine for the tortoise bracelet, the Storm for the gold tassels and  and the Glitter for the green tassels.The Cabochon Stud Cuff comes with the Storm Bracelet Trio or alone. It reminds me of my Madewell Studded Rail Cuff.
The Tiny Dancer Bib Necklace looks pretty with the pinks and browns. I’m not sure I have anything in my closet to go with it but I do really like it. I’m undecided between the Leather Tassel Pendant and the Gold Tassel Pendant. The gold would match with the long necklaces I already have but the leather would make them more noticeable.
BaubleBar has so much to choose from so I really try to have an idea of what I’m looking for when I go to the site. The AMIGOS promo for 25% off is great to use now, especially if you are already doing some Christmas shopping. It’s never too early to start!

Are you shopping the BaubleBar AMIGOS promo? What are you liking?