J Crew: Micropleated Midi Skirt, Tailored Popover Shirt in Stripe, Zip-Front Pencil Skirt in Sparkle Tweed, Cap-Sleeve Floral Lace Top

I tried to create outfits for the reviews today but think I missed the mark on the right tops for these skirts. Let’s see how everything looks anyway.

Micropleated Midi Skirt, Navy, size 6 ~

It nice to see the newly named Lattice Skirt in midi length. I knew the length wouldn’t work for me but the colors offered for Fall are gorgeous. Fingers crossed they bring those colors to the Factory in the shorter length next year.

The size 6 fit very well. It even left some comfortable room to tuck in shirts. The length is about 3 inches below my knee and too long for my style. The pleats are the same as the Pleated Lattice Skirt which is nice because I wasn’t a big fan of the Stitched-Down Pleated Mini Skirt. My store only carried the Navy when I was there a few weeks ago so I wasn’t able to see the Pesto or Warm Sepia. Can anyone comment on how saturated those colors are compared to the online images?

~ Tailored Popover Shirt in Stripe, size 6 (now on sale) ~

This was selling out and there was a size 6 and then a 12. I chose the size 6 knowing it would be tight. From the fit, I can tell I need my normal size 8. The size 6 is very snug in the arms and pulls on the sides of the chest.

I’m not sure how “tailored” this shirt really is as it is pretty boxy and loose, especially from the chest down. This also means if I size to an 8 it will be really loose from the chest down. They missed the mark on this one. At least darts should have been added, if they weren’t going to cut the material with a slightly defined waist.

~ Zip-Front Pencil Skirt in Sparkle Tweed, size 6 ~

I don’t like my pencil skirts to be loose on me. I would prefer they fit as close to the body as possible and I can then do a little Spanx-ing to accommodate the bulges and imperfections. I bought a size 8 pencil skirt in wool once and when I wore it the zipper wound up in front instead of the back. That’s why I usually try on a size 6 in pencil skirts and buy a 6 if an 8 Petite is not available. I find a pencil skirt is one of the most flattering styles than anyone can wear. Sadly, I rarely wear them. I just don’t have a work-need to wear them. So I’ve whittled them down and only have a few now; my most favorite ones and all J Crew.
This skirt is metallic and tweedy and has a front zipper you can keep fully zipped or un-zippped at the bottom to show a little more leg, my preference. I can see this being an option for an upcoming event or Holiday party. The size 6 is a good fit but the length, at 25 inches, is a little long for my style. Good thing this also comes in Petite sizing! I would buy an 8 Petite to shorten the length.
Where the zipper starts at the bottom is actually my preferred skirt length, just above the knee.

~ Cap-Sleeve Floral Lace Top, Bright Ocean, size 6 (now on sale) ~

I’ve been wavering back-and-forth on this top as to whether I like this top or not. The size 6 fit fine, though it does look like it’s pulling across the chest a little. The blouse doesn’t have a lining and is completely see-through so a Cami will be needed. The Bright Ocean color is nice and saturated but I think I would get this in Navy Black instead. There’s a little button at the top of the neckline if you want to fully close it. The lace is nice. It’s sturdy and not delicate. It’s made of Poly and states to hand-wash. Meh…
I think I’m bothered by the boxy fit. I tried tucking this in and it makes me look like I have a really short torso, when I’m really pretty average. I don’t think this top can be saved, even with jeans. But I’m also in the dislike category as this top has a 5-star rating at J Crew.

Overall, these are all a pass for me though I do recommend the Micropleated Midi Skirt. If the length was right for me I would buy it.

Have a Great Day!

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  1. September 2, 2015 / 6:36 pm

    Hi Audrey, first-time commenting (although I've followed your blog for a few months now!) I really enjoy your helpful reviews and photos and so I finally wanted to comment. I was considering the floral lace cap sleeve after seeing it on sale online and reading the positive reviews, but I think i have a better idea of how the fit is on this top and I agree that it seems boxy (even per the J Crew reviews) so I will stay away from this one, lovely tho it seems. Thanks for all of your reviews! (PS, that photo of your dad last week was super sweet!)