J Crew: Sleeveless Beaded Zip Top, Corded Popover Tunic in Blue Stripe, Floral Sailor Tee, Drapey Oxford Crepe Popover, Indigo Gauze Popover

Rounding out the February launch are a few shirts, including the Indigo Gauze Popover I wore with the Slim Cargo Pants.

This top was one of my original picks from the February roll-out. I was finally able to try it on and I really like it, from the front. I just do no like the side zippers. They ruined a perfectly nice embellished shirt with stupid zippers. That trend needs to go too. I’m sure I’ll be praising zippers on the side when it’s 100 degrees out and I’m trying to cool off. 
The size 6 was a very nice fit. Because it’s sleeveless there wasn’t an issue with fitting the arms. There’s no pulling across the chest. The beading seems to be pretty secure as well. I liked it except for the zippers. I did bring it home to see if it would change my mind but it hasn’t. 

~ Corded Popover Tunic in Blue Stripe, size 6 ~

I really liked this popover. This felt a like a linen blend but is a cotton-blend. The size 6 is a good fit and I wouldn’t size up though the arms do look a little snug when I bend them. I’ll just keep my arms at the side instead. 

The v-neck is not too low cut and the hems are split with a rounded shape. I actually see this more as a swim cover-up so I’ll wait until it’s on sale with a promo to reconsider it.

~ Floral Sailor Tee, Medium ~
That was fast. This tee, and it’s Metallic sister, are now on sale. The Medium fit well but with the drop-shoulder and three-quarter length sleeves make it just ok for me. The Metallic Sailor Tee might be more interesting with the Metallic Flowers and reverse stripes (Navy over white). 

~ Drapey Oxford Crepe Popover, Pale Blue, Small ~
This looked to run big on the hanger so I grabbed a Smmall. This was another one of my picks from the February roll-out in the Navy. I really liked this shirt on, though not this specific color as much. The Small fit pretty well and didn’t have much of an exaggerated drop-shoulder. 

It felt more of a cotton-blend than the Tencel. Since it’s blended with Viscose I know I’ll shrink it at some point so it’s a pass for me.

~ Indigo Gauze Popover, size 6 ~

Huge fan of this popover. The size 8 was HUGE on me. The size 6 is a much better fit all over. I might have been able to get into a size 4 but this drapes fairly well in the 6 so I stuck with that size. The color is pretty saturated IRL though be careful about color transfer. 

The gauze is not see-through and is very lightweight. I tucked in the shirt when I wore it but it will look fine un-tucked as well.

I think that wraps up most of February’s roll-out. It’s been crazy-busy here with the outside construction, inside re-decorating and helping plan two baby showers. I’ll be glad when things slow down a little.

Have a Great Day!

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