J Crew: Cotton Oxford Cloth Cropped Top, Harlow Pant

Crop Tops are apparently still trending. I have two styles like this in Linen from last year but they don’t feel like a crop top to me.

~ Cotton Oxford Cloth Cropped Top, True Blue, size 8 ~
I tried on two sizes and the size 8 ran fairly big on me. This is boxy all over including the drop-shoulder sleeves. I liked the color of the blue and the material is the same as an oxford shirt.

The size 6 was a much better fit, even through the shoulders so I recommend sizing down at least one size. The white looked nice. The length of the size 6 hits just at the bottom of the waistband on the Harlow Pant. The boxy shape really is unappealing to me and I try to stay away from it. It wasn’t a good match with the pants either. Of course, with a high-waisted skinny or pencil skirt this top will be fine. 

~ Harlow Pant, Rustic Mint, size 6 ~
This pant is getting some pretty good reviews online, but I have to agree with one reviewer who said it’s not for anyone with curves. I felt like I was wearing a backwards saggy diaper. It was bunchy in front and the lining was very static-y. I kept hearing Ron Burgundy saying “It’s the pleats.” Out olf context but seriously, it’s the pleats! Every time I moved around the lining just stuck to me. And the elastic waistband…just phoning it in there J Crew. Let’s all be lazy and wear elastic waist pants all the time. They’ll call us People of the ‘Crew. Sorry ladies…Not.A.Fan

Just sharing my thoughts here. I know there will be some who will love these items and some will look fabulous in them, especially the pants. I can’t wait to see those pics. For me and my style, these are a pass. You can’t like everything, right?

I have a couple of skirts up later today. Have a Great Afternoon!

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  1. February 24, 2015 / 8:46 pm

    I have the Harlow pants in the navy and they are unlined I also sized down to a 00 and found them to fit better and not as baggy. Def agree that they are not for everyone.
    Pic on my IG.