Que Bella – Cora & Burgundy

I love my Cora Dress in red so much (and Husband likes it too!) that I bought the Chain Print one as well. I had to get a size 8 since a 6 was not available. It gives me just a little more length. I really wanted to wear it and decided to try adding the Merino Pocket Tunic over it. I immediately loved the look. I know it would look even better with a more fitted sweater but this one suited my needs and I was comfortable in the whole outfit.

I had some J Crew tights still in the package that almost exactly match the Martina Patent Wedges. At the last minute I added the Tortoise Crystal Pendant Necklace

I was so happy to finally take a few pics outside since it’s been so cold and gloomy. It was still pretty chilly but the sun and blue skies were out so I didn’t mind. Our patio is coming along slowly due to the weather but these next few days should be really busy with the masonry work. *fingers crossed*

Have a Great Day!

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