Que Bella: Linen Casual

I saw this little Linen Boatneck blouse on Heather at the Lovely Red Door and went on a hunt to find one this weekend. It’s very similar to my white one from Zara that I’ve worn many times this Summer. Mother had a lunch for The Boy so I wore this with a little punch of color in my Seville Espadrilles.

I completely loved this outfit.
~ Linen Boatneck, GAP ~
Happy Monday!


  1. August 19, 2014 / 1:48 am

    nice top…is it only "in store". If you don't mind…how much was it, what was sizing like (s,m l or 8 10 12) Did you see it in white ? Is it new stock or old ? I am not able to go in search of it until the weekend. Just wanted to know a few more details. Thank you
    P.s I have not been able to find the white from Zara….so am I thrilled to try and find this one ! Carolyn

    • August 19, 2014 / 2:26 am

      I believe it was online but sold out now. I lucked out I think finding this one but I'd see if you can't call one store to search for you. They run S/M/L and I bought a Small and it was a good fit. I would have normally bought a Medium but I took a Small in the Zara one too. I think it was $39.50 but there was a sale or something and I paid $32.50 with tax and all. There was a size XS left in my store at La Cantera on Saturday. I know it came in White too but I didn't see it. I hope that helps. I'll see if I still have the tag and post the style number later if you want to call a store. HTH!