Lucky Brand: Madeline Embroidered Tank, Hipster Bear Tank, Dazzling Embroidered Top, White Grommet Shirt, Lace Stripe Top

I can always find something I like at Lucky Brand. The modern hippie in me loves their tunics and boho/peasant blouses. I still have one from 2004/2005 that is tie-dye and embroidered at the neckline and hem. I love their graphics tees as well, especially the Men’s. The fabric on both feels like you’ve had it for years.

I liked the look of this on the hanger but not so much when I put it on. The embroidery is pretty and in Navy but overall I think it’s the rope halter tie that is the issue.

~ Hipster Bear Tank, Small {tee, Men’s tee} ~

I loved this tank. The Small fits well and it’s comfortable. To not look so “biker chic” I would probably throw on a blazer with the sleeves rolled up. The Men’s Tee has a graphic on the inside as well, so you could wear it inside-out if you wanted. Alas, the Women’s Tee and Tank do not come with this feature.


Dazzling Embroidered Top, Medium ~ 

The embroidered detail on this lovely blue top was so pretty but I couldn’t figure out what else to wear this with other than jeans and shorts. It deserves to be dressed up a little, don’t you think?

White Grommet Shirt, Small ~

I really liked the detail of this shirt as well as the fit but it is quite sheer. I was already wearing a nude bra and would have to find a different nude shade to go under it so it didn’t show through; or wear a cami under.

Lace Stripe Top, Small ~

There was no Medium in the store to try and other than the arms, I liked the fit of this tunic. I’m not sure if the Medium would run a little more voluminous through the waist. The Large was huge everywhere.

Another great thing I love about Lucky Brand is that almost everything is machine-washable. Cotton, linen or silk materials are what you’ll usually find the clothing made of. They always have great leather jackets and bags too.

Have you been shopping at Lucky lately? 

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