Kate Spade Friends & Family

During the Kate Spade Friends & Family I concentrated on items for my gadgets.

Ciao Ciao Ciao iPhone Case – I love this one! Reminds me of my vacation two Summers ago. Currently, it’s sold out at Kate Spade.com you can find it at Nordstrom too.

Racer Girl iPad Folio Hardcase – I like dressing up my iPad. It helps to have it in a case as I don’t drop it very often. I shattered the glass on my last one. Yikes! I was looking for something a little smaller and sleeker and love this one. It also has a hardcase back and isn’t as bulky as the one I had been using.

This one will also sit Portrait and Landscape without issues.

Hardcase back

Photo Finish Odometer Coin Purse – I am completely obsessed with the Kate Spade coin purses and have several (Owl, Champagne, Sunglasses). Though I don’t use much cash these days, any nickel, dime or penny I have goes in the coin purse. They can’t hold anything more than that. And Gigi and I are Coin Purse Twins!

And while waiting for my Ciao iPhone case to arrive I found this one at Nordstrom.

Have a Great Day!

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  1. April 16, 2014 / 7:49 pm

    You picked the cutest stuff!