J Crew Spring 2014 Skirts and Shorts: Lace-Stripe Skirt, Esplanade Skirt in Seersucker Eyelet, Pleated Crepe Short, Collection Pyramid Brocade Short,

More reviews from the mid-March roll-out. This time skirts and shorts.

The Lace-Stripe Skirt comes in three colors. My store had the Light Citron and White but not the one I wanted, Strawberry Rose. The Light Citron is bright but a beautiful yellow. I’m wearing a size 6 in the Light Citron and an 8 in the White. Honestly, both fit well. There was just a little difference in the length and the 6 sat at my waist while the 8 was a little lower. The pleats are nice and don’t seem to add any extra weight. I’d probably order the 6 in the Strawberry Rose.

I love white skirts for Summer. I have one from Kate Spade I found at the Outlet a few years ago. This one is really cute but there’s no need for two white skirts in my closet, right?

Esplanade Skirt in Seersucker Eyelet, size 6 – I’m not digging this seersucker eyelet on anything. And the drop-waist followed by pleats on this skirt are hideous on me. I would definitely size to an 8 if I thought about getting it but I won’t. The concept of the Merino Sweater in Seersucker Eyelet just baffles me. I just can’t grasp my head around Merino Wool and Seersucker…together. That’s just not Summer to me. Can you tell I’m not a big fan of this roll-out? I know some people will love the sweater and this skirt but a big ol’ pass for me.

Pleated Crepe Short, size 6 – This is the Byzantine Purple but looks blue on my screen. Anyway, they are purple and I was surprised the 6 fit well in the waist and hips. I’m a size 8 in all shorts so sizing up in this short would making it really baggy and unflattering. I’d probably get the black or navy in these as this seems like a dressier short. 

Collection Pyramid Brocade Short, size 8 – I really like these shorts. They fit well in my normal size 8. Though the website states these area a 3-inch inseam they are sitting on my hips which provides more coverage. Of course if I sit down anywhere that is not a smooth surface I will snag these like crazy, so I’ll need to be careful when wearing them. I like these better than the Factory Metallic Brocade Shorts I ended up returning. {review}


And styled with the Merino Silk-Panel Sweater. The colors go though I really wouldn’t wear a Merino sweater with shorts.

The Lace-Stripe Skirt is one I really like and would love to get it in the Strawberry Rose color. And I am pretty sure I’m keeping the Collection Pyramid Brocade Shorts.
Have you tried any of these yet? 

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  1. March 26, 2014 / 2:19 pm

    Lol. The only piece I was really sold on was the linen mini and even then I decided to return it. I do love the merino seersucker sweater. It reads THIS spring. It wouldn't work well for any other spring I feel. Usually it's too hot for merino by March in Georgia.