More J’Crewlet Finds

I had to head in to my office Wednesday and you know I like to stop by the J Crew Factory Store (aka J’Crewlet) when I am in town. Am I glad I did. They had new arrivals Tuesday night so there were a lot of “retail’ versions in store. I was really hoping they had the Vintage Stripe Zebra Cardigan so I wouldn’t have to order it online and…woohoo!…they did.

The promos listed are what I found, and remembered from what I saw in-store. These won’t necessarily apply to the online store once it opens again on Friday.

Vintage Zebra Striped Blakely Dress – #37409, $98, Size 6 – The material is 100% cotton but not as stiff as the retail version. There was a little stitch to hold the collar together at the chest but that broke as I was putting on the dress. The fit was great and possibly even a teensy bit looser than the retail “6”. If I didn’t have the retail version this would have been a purchase.
See the retail version on me here and here.

Vintage Zebra Striped Cardigan and Mini Skirt
Cardigan – #39084, $69.50 (plus 40% off promo), Size M – I’m so happy this was in-store. I love this version (cotton).
Skirt – #37535, $54.50 (plus 20% off promo), Size 6 – This is 100% cotton and the material is not textured like the retail version was.

Size 8 – I liked this one better even though you don’t see a difference in length between the two sizes. It was a little roomier width-wise for me.

Silk Driving Scarf – #24826, $44.50 – This is the same scarf that is currently online and in-stores, retail. The sown in tag is the retail tag and not the FS tag (with the two diamonds underneath the name). I saw it online and then I saw it again on DaniBP and knew I had to have it. So, right when I walked in to the FS, there it was, tossed on a table and out of its place. I snatched it up immediately and later found its siblings. As you can see from the tag the price is $44.50 as opposed to $58 online. Also, there was a 20% off promo for all scarves, making it $35.60.

Twill Flower Tee Applique’ Flower Tee – # , Size M, $69.50 (plus 40% off graphic tees) I can’t remember the retail version’s name of this tee. This fit well and the beading looks to be pretty well-stitched.
Ankle Toothpick Jeans, Super Skinny Stretch – #24678, Size 30, $64.50 (either 30 or 40% off promo on all jeans) – They fit fine but I think I could have done with sizing up to a 31 in these. The color was BLA which I guess is Black. They are a lot darker than the retail version I have.

Dotsalota Chiffon Cami – #38216, Size 6, $98 – This is a Factory Store Collection item. I have the retail version but see it on Gigi and Tres Tippy. I would say this runs TTS. There was also a version of the Pastiche cami as well. I didn’t see it until after I left the dressing room. My guess is that it will be the same price as this one.

Silk Striped Blouse Rugby Stripe Silk Top – #38239, Size M, $69.50 – This a pullover style, no side or back zip. This also came in a navy stripe. Too boxy for me and sizing down would have been tight in the arms/shoulders.

Knit Striped Button Shirt Stripe Boatneck Pullover – #38036, Size M, $69.50 (plus $5 off promo) – This also came in pink and gray stripes. Very comfy and has three buttons at the shoulder on each side.

Motorcycle Jacket – #37046, Size M, $74, Dark Pewter (also comes in Cobblestone) – This fit TTS for me.

Skull Flip-Flops – #91112, $19.50 (plus 20% off promo) – Love that the skulls are on a pink background.

Rose Vines Flip-Flops – #83279, $24.50 (20% off promo)

Also, on my last trip I purchased the Giraffe Critter Necklace, which was $12.99 and then some sort of promo (I think 20%). On this trip, I noticed a new price tag of $24.50 and then a 20% off promo. Sneaky Sneaky J’Crewlet.

I wore the most wonderful dress yesterday. There’s a teeny peek of it in one of the pictures. Can you figure it out? I’ll post recent outfits later today.


  1. February 17, 2011 / 4:25 pm

    Must go to my local Crewlet to get that dress – I don't know if I can pull off zebra stripes, but the grey and white just look so crisp together!

    Is the dress you're referring to a certain polka dotted Anthropologie piece that is all the rage right now? If so, I wanna see an outfit pic! ;o)

  2. February 17, 2011 / 11:00 pm

    I have the giraffe skirt from last season and love it! It is so versatile!!!! I also have the dotsalota cami, and it is adorable as well! Great crewlet finds!

  3. February 18, 2011 / 1:54 am

    I am sort of in love with that Blakely dress. It looks great on you!

  4. February 18, 2011 / 5:30 am

    The jeans look really cute. I can't get over that tee at $69.50 at the outlet. That was the regular price at the b&m. The zebra dress looks great. I like that the J'Crewlet sizes tend to be just a smidge larger than regular b&m. Imo.

  5. February 18, 2011 / 3:29 pm

    Lisa – Go try the dress on! It really looks great. I haven't seen it look bad on anyone yet. Pic is posted of my outfit.

    Chic Chauffeur and Dr Drama – Thanks!

    Gigi – Thanks! And the tag was a FS tag not retail so you know the quality is not exactly the same. I agree on the sizing too. Especially when I find I can fit into a 4!