Anthropologie Visit

Headed over to Anthro to see some of the new arrivals IRL and came home with a few.

Here’s what I tried on.
Anthropologie Visit

Seasonless Stretch Skirt – Originally tried on here. This was on sale in the gray and black for $19.99. I did size up to an 8.

Cafe Creme Skirt – The SA brought this to me in a 4 and it fit like a glove. I loved it but the Seasonless Skirt was a better deal ($19.99 –> $79.99)

James Twiggy Denim Legging – I had been thinking about doing a post on denim leggings because I am seeing more and more of them in stores. I have to say, the SA must have literally sized me up because she brought me a 28 and I protested greatly. She said “Trust me.” Again, fit like a glove. I couldn’t believe it. It’s a dark wash, which I love and there was just enough stretch to it to be very comfortable. I will look around for others and compare fit to see if I like it enough to buy it.

Upended Poppy Tee – I tried on a Medium and it was really tight in the arms for me. I love the design but didn’t really like it IRL.

Free Flow Tank – The top that’s all abuzz in the blogosphere. I tried on the navy in a Medium and the Beige in a Small. The fit of the small was great but 1) I have and love the Viscose Tango Top from J Crew and 2) I wasn’t too fond of the permanently tied bow. Cute but it can’t be adjusted. Also, I loved the navy but I was already buying two navy tops and they didn’t have my size.

Off-The-Tie-Rack Blouse – What a great top! I usually (read never) wear strapless or one shoulder tops due to some self-conscious issues I have with small bulges when my arms are down BUT this did not cut into my skin and looked great. The SA advised not to to a bow but a knot on the side which was great because it didn’t add any bulkiness. I tried on a 6.

Into the Night Blouse – Another great top and very reasonable. I had to keep checking the tag to make sure the price was what I thought I saw ($88). I feared the top of the blouse would run small but my standard size 6 was perfect.

Tutu Tank – I tried this on in the pink, navy and red. The red was really pretty and I tried on both a Medium and a Small, which fit better. Again, the Viscose Tango Top trumped this top AND they didn’t have the red in a Small (and it’s not online in that color either).

Striped Pursuit Top – This is by Odille and I tried on a 6. The center is elastic all the way around and the decoration on the front doesn’t extend all around the back. The only reason I didn’t get it was because it would have been the third navy top. But I keep thinking about going back to get it.

Tandem Jump Blouse – This was so cute with little parachutes all over it. I tried a 6 and could have easily sized down to a 4. I have too many “boxy” shirts. I’m trying to find more structured and fitted shirts.

I purchased the Seasonless Stretch Skirt, the Off-the-Tie-Rack Blouse and the Into the Night Blouse. I am really happy with those purchases and have already worn the Into the Night Blouse. I also had GREAT service from the SA in the store. She brought me other items to try on and she was very attentive, not only to me but to other customers in the dressing room. She was very honest with how something looked or fit on me (and everyone else) but was really nice and funny about it.

I can’t wait to see what other new arrivals Anthropologie brings in.

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  1. January 25, 2010 / 12:53 pm

    thanks for the comments on the tutu and the free flow tank – the reason I am attracted to both of these is that I love my tango tank and would love it in a navy. I may have to swing by to try on.