Mexican Martini

I tried making Mexican Martinis for the first time yesterday. I have to say they were pretty tasty.

Mexican Martini

2 oz Lime Juice (1 lime)
1 oz Orange Juice (1/2 orange)
1-2 oz Sprite
2 oz Tequila
1 oz Cointreau
Splash of olive juice
Jalapeno stuffed Olive for garnish

Add ice, shake and serve in Martini glass


Don’t use sweet and sour.

Don’t use cheap tequila. (I’m talking the one with the worm in it. DON’T.) I prefer Patron.
If it’s too strong (hahaha) add a little Sprite to the glass.
I squeeze the lime juice right into the shaker but I use a juicer to juice the orange.

If this is for a group of people don’t use frozen juice. Use Minute Maid o.j. and the lime juice from the bottle.