Do you have those times where you have returns but when you get to the store you end up finding something else to exchange it for? I know I shouldn’t expect it, but when making returns I usually go with the mind-set of “in-and-out”. That never happens though. It’s like someone says “Squirrel!” and there I go veering away from my destination, the register to process my return. I “squirreled” my whole Saturday, finding one cute thing after another. And don’t get me started with Target. I’m lucky I got out of there spending less than $100 that day.

And what did I find at Tar-jhay? A lovely faux fur vest caught my eye. I’ve passed on them over the years but this one seemed to really peak my interest for some reason. I thought the Medium looked too big but the Small was sold out so I tried it on anyway. It fit really well. I think the small would have been too tight in the armholes so the Medium was a good choice. I might wear it with this Maeve metallic midi skirt but I also have this shirtdress from Tory Burch that had popped into my head when I saw this fur vest.


Next, I headed to the mall where I found the Maeve Eclat Midi Skirt. It was styled in the window and I couldn’t resist it. You know I don’t have any midi skirts but this one just seemed so perfect for Fall and the upcoming holidays. It was styled with this sweater, which is 30% off today. I bought and Medium and it fits TTS.


I also bought these Pilcro embroidered jeans. I have been lusting over them for some time now but could never pull the trigger, since shipping is just so expensive. And the reviews have sizing all over the place. But, I was lucky on Saturday because my store had a return, in a size 29. I grabbed them and immediately went to try them on. They fit great in the hips and thighs. I have worn them already and they have stretched some in the waist and booty but the thighs are still fitting well. I can see why sizing is off on these. I think a 29 Petite might have been a good fit as well, and would shorten the length a little. I will probably have to get these hemmed a little so they lay right. They are not as heavy as I thought they would be with the embroidery and light beading. I also tried on these bejeweled jeans and the sizing was really off on those. I tried on a size 29 and they were really really loose in the waist and snug in the hips and thighs. They also felt like they will stretch out as you wear them so they were a pass for me.


As I ventured my way to Madewell, I spotted these Mod velvet booties at Steve Madden. They are definitely a color I don’t wear, but I had to see them in person and try them on. They are new arrivals in store and pre-order online. They run TTS and I ended up with a size 7. They are out of my color comfort zone but I’m excited to style and wear them!


This pretty pink velvet was also offered in sneakers and heels.

So, finally making it to Madwell, I saw this Velvet Bow-Back Top and thought it would be another great item for the holidays and evenings out. This is the Dark Metal color and it also comes in Distressed Stone and True Black. This runs really big. I considered sizing to a XS but I like the looseness of the Small. This is also a longer hem in the back. The bow is in the back, tied at the neck. I have several blazers this top can work with as well as some fancy pants. And, this top is so comfortable. I didn’t want to take it off!


So that was my whole squirreled away Saturday. I’ve added several different options for you so you can “squirrel” through this post too!

Happy Shopping!