Here are a few things I like from the newest J Crew catalog.

The theme – Who’s That Girl? They used women “who inspire us every day” – a museum curator, a freelance stylist, a ballerina, an author, some photographers and a mom to be to name a few to be models in the first few pages of the catalog.

Pencil skirt – Crackled Copper Pencil skirt

The mom-to-be, Carolina Palmgren (also a fashion photgrapher) wearing Double-V Dress.I really like that J Crew used a soon-to-be mommy as one of their models – very honest and realistic. Way to go J Crew.

Blakely Dress in Vintage Zebra Stripe (also in Light Ginger & Black)

Here’s the Tie-Dyed Wednesday Skirt again (that I was told would not be made). Hmmm…it does look like it has an elastic waist so I think I’ll pass if it is made.

Cute ballet flats (My eye is on the bottom one – my photo editor was being fussy and I couldn’t save the rotate.)

It’s the Crystal and Pearl Pastiche necklace on a ballet flat. This is so a “J Crew Math” item.

How cute are the kiddos?
And the huh?, questionable, seriously J Crew? item.
Rose Vines Romper – Shouldn’t rompers have legs and not look like a swim suit?
The description – “Think poolside parties and chic beach soirees.”
It is a Nylon/Lycra Spandex blend so maybe it can be worn in the water.
I think these are the March/April roll-out. I know there are some new arrivals coming next week. I got a look at some of the jewelry including the “Gotta-have-it Spring Necklace“, the Crystal Rock Necklace. It’s a cool piece but the stones are really large and it is a heavy necklace. There is also a bracelet that matches that would not fit around my wrist (and heavy as well).