J.Crew’s latest promo, YESPLEASE, ends today. You can take 30% off a lots of styles as well as 40% off sale. I took advantage of this promo in-store and brought some full-price items home with me. Let’s take a look.

~ Pleated Cropped Wide-Leg Pant in Glen Plaid, size 10 ~

These lovely pants were included in the promo. I was going to order them but happened to stop by my store and they had them available in almost all sizes. They did not have a size 8 so I grabbed a size 6 and a size 10, just to gauge fit so I could order them. I really feel these pants run small. I know I’ve been having some sizing issues due to weight but I can still fit in my size 8 pants from years prior. And I’m still wearing size 29 pants and jeans from this year just fine. I think the sizing issue has to do with the pleats starting at the hip line. Despite sizing up to a 10, I loved these wide-leg pants. I plan on wearing these wide-leg pants not only for dressy but not formal occasions but also trying to tone them down with a tee or jean jacket or maybe even some Cons. I found this Cashmere Audrey Sweater at Talbots in Dark Nightfall that goes very well with these. I’ll be sharing my styling ideas for these pants next week.



~ Gazebo Pant, Ivory, size 8 ~

I have these in black (styled) and love them. These have had a second price cut and are now $149.99. I still ordered a size 8 though a 10 might have fit a little better. They were F/S so I’ll make them work. I love these lace pants and am going to try to winterize this Ivory color. If I can get the right combinations I’ll share those style ideas with you.



~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Chambray, size 8P ~

I usually get this popover in a size 6 but the chambray was all sold out so I ordered the 8 Petite. That fits a little more closer to the body and is not as loose as the 6. I think I’ll get quite a bit of use out of this chambray shirt.


~ Elsie Pump in Tweed, Ivory/Burgundy/Pink, size 7 ~

I can take a 6 1/2 or 7 in the Elsie Pump, depending on how long I think I’ll wear them. I think I would probably try to wear these for long periods of time so I ordered the size 7 to accommodate foot swelling. They really fit in the toe box but the length is just a little too long. I don’t walk out of the size 7 or anything like that. I love this pink tweed pattern and color and am happy I chose it over the skirt or blazer.





I bought the Club Collar Shirt in Gingham in the White Cabernet and I can’t wait to wear it with these tweed heels.


Here are a few more of my picks from this promo. I have the Factory version of the Excursion Vest in Flannel. I don’t really care for the gold buttons on the pockets of the retail Excursion Vest. I like the style of the Factory Quilted Vest a lot more.

Did you take advantage of this latest 30% off promo from J.Crew?

I almost forgot about the cutest item in the whole rollout! I pre-ordered the Tippi Sweater in Bee Embellishment but my store also had it so I was able to try it on before I received it.

~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Chambray, size 6 ~
~ Sammi Pant in Polka Dot, size 30 ~
~ Sadie Flats in Snakeskin Printed Leather, size 7 ~


~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Chambray, size 6 ~

I can’t decide between this popover shirt which is one of my favorite styles or the chambray shirtdress. I think I might get a little more use out of the shirt, since I also have the Off-the-shoulder Dress in Chambray. The size 6 fit but was a snug on the sides of the chest. I think I would stay with the 6 though as the 8 would be completely shapeless and baggy.


~ Sammi Pant in Polka Dot, size 30 ~

I was not a fan of the Teddie pants and was hoping these might be a little more to my liking. The polka dot are unique and are easily wearable now (if it wasn’t so darn hot), as well as into the Fall. The size 30 was too big, especially in the front. They also seemed to have excess and bagginess below the butt, in back. That disrupted the flow of the pant leg. The rise is higher on these, which I like, but not in this size.


~ Tippi Sweater in Bee Embellishment, Medium ~
~ Sammi Pant in Polka Dot, size 29 ~
~ Sadie Flats in Snakeskin Printed Leather, size 7 ~

I was very excited to see this sweater IRL. The embellishment is up near the shoulder with three little jeweled bees. This a little thin and will require a cami underneath though you might be able to get away with just a nude bra. Medium is my normal Tippi size and this fit well. I’ve since tried a Petite Medium in the Tippi Sweater and the hemline is a little shorter and the sleeve is more 3/4-length. I’ll consider the petite sizing in Tippi’s going forward since the that is how it should really fit. I cannot wait until cooler weather to wear this sweater!



~ Sammi Pant in Polka Dot, size 29 ~

The size 29 was a much better fit, though still a little baggy in front. The leg line is not baggy in this size. I think my best fit would be a Petite 29, which would make them cropped, as they should be. But the polka dot are not offered in Petite so this size will work. And I don’t mind that they are not cropped. I don’t want to have them altered as it might mess up the little flare kick at the bottom.


I brought the Sammie Pant in Polka Dot home with me. I’m happy with the size and already have a few outfits planned around them. And the bee sweater will be front and center in my closet waiting for that first cool breeze.