Sweater: J Crew Factory (get an extra 30% off right now)
Shirt: Anthropologie Pink Cottage Blouse
Keeping with the green theme for a casual dinner with The Boy’s soccer team. I prefer the Factory “Clare” Cardigans over the retail Jackie’s because they are 100% Cotton and not a blend. And they are so much cheaper. This was on sale in the store, an extra 40%, plus I had a 20% off my total over $125. I bought a Navy one as well. They had so many lovely bright  colors that it was hard to choose. I had to stalk the Pink Cottage blouse on ebay. Luckily I scored it for near the sale price. Lastly, these jeans are the awesome. I took a size 28/6 mostly because they are button-fly. They are just a little bit torn/ripped but a nice darker wash that help make it casual. My favorite Gap ones are seeing an end. I had another pair rip on me and my last pair is almost there. 
Have a Great Evening!

Here are two more office outfits from a few weeks ago I had yet to post. I have been in workout clothes or my Italy trip jersey skirts for most of the last two weeks. I usually stick to pencil skirts and a blouse when I’m travelling.

Here is the lovely Pink Cottage blouse along with the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Warm Jade and Valentino Bow heels. Looks like Jeannie had a similar idea here. Forgive the “no make-up” look. This was at the end of a super long day. I’m much more fresh faced in the next pic.
I paired the Linen Cotton striped shirt with the Porcleain Paisley skirt (LOVE!! this skirt) and the Arene’ sandals in Cognac from last summer. This could have used a belt and a necklace, I suppose.
I’ve been trying to figure out what I need for the Fall/Winter. It’s so hard to think about it when it’s so hot outside. I haven’t seen the new arrivals in the store yet but plan on going Saturday. As beautiful as the Wool pencil skirt colors are I just won’t get enough wear out of them like the cotton skirts. I do grab a new color of the Cashmere Tee each year and now the Tippi is in Cashmere so I’ll have a decision to make there. I do want a Schoolboy Blazer in Navy and maybe a pair of the Matchstick Jeans. Have you seen my fit-twin in them today? She looks great in them along with the Tippi in Snakeprint.
I’ll be in the office again next week so there will be some Que Bella posts when I return. I also plan on visiting the J Crew Factory store and hope to publish those reviews next week. Anything you want to see from the Factory? Leave your request in the comments!

Have a Great weekend!

Saturday I did the craziest thing ever in my love for J Crew. I drove 90 miles one way for a skirt! When I told The Boy what I was going to do he looked at me and laughed! And then asked why. Well, my dear Boy, because I needed it. I compared it to when he needed the latest Call of Duty video game or the latest map pack and he understood.

So what skirt would cause me to lose my mind for a moment and drive 90 miles to get it?

It went on sale in stores this week from $118 to $69.99. I was already contemplating a full-price purchase on this skirt but when it hit sale, my store and the other in San Antonio sold out in the size 4 in this color. My PS was going to order it for me but I asked her to look and see if there were any in Austin first. There was one at Barton Creek Square and a few at the Domain. She called BCS and had it put on hold and I drove Saturday evening to pick it up. An hour and a half drive for a 10 minute stop (I picked up some Lammes Candies Longhorns too) and then we turned around and came home. 
Now, why, you ask, would I drive to pick this up instead of having it shipped and possibly getting the additional 30% off? Because I’ve re-planned my packing list for the umpteenth time and included this skirt as a possibility. So I had to have it as quickly as possible and I knew it wouldn’t get here by Wednesday.
And I was a walking J Crew ad for my adventure on Saturday. After seeing the Gimlet Skirt in Coaster Stripe on the CNBC show about Mickey & J Crew I was itching to wear it again. I paired it with one of my favorite Linen sweaters, the Linen Dot Popover, and my Iris Sandals in Tortoise
How Crew “Cray Cray” have you ever been? Confess!
Have a Great Day!

During my visit last week for my new hat, I saw the cutest skirt in the sweetest mint color. But I didn’t have time to try it on so I emailed my PS to hold it for me. I dropped by today and she held it along with a few other items.

First up is the skirt (Style #88345, BSP, $89.50), which is not online yet, paired with the Scoopneck Blouse in Anchors Aweigh. I have on a Size 8 in both. How cute is this skirt? It sits a little high on the waist and has an A-line not straight style like most mini skirts. The color is gorgeous and looks great with the navy blouse. The only downside to this skirt? No pockets anywhere. I can live with that as it might have detracted from the shape of the skirt and made it bulky on the hips. It comes in at least two other colors that I think are Navy and Peach or Pink. I can’t remember as my sights were set on the mint. As for the blouse, I loved it when I originally saw it online and still do now. But $135? I’ll take my chances it makes it to sale.

The Naomi Top in Polka Dot reminds me just a little of the Kelsey Ruffle Top with a few less ruffles around the neck. My PS had it with the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Garden Floral. I’m wearing a Size 8 in the top. It is a little loose and I could feasibly size to a 6. I am wearing a Size 6 in the skirt, which is my normal size in JC pencil skirts and it felt just a bit loose. Since I wasn’t going to buy it I didn’t try the size 4 but I think that would be a better fit.
This is another dress that is not online but has the Big Shot Dot print. AJC originally reviewed it here. I have on a Size 4 which still seems a little big on me. Though it’s 100% Silk I don’t think it’s worth $168.
And as I was checking out, a shipment of jewelry came in, and with it this adorable little elephant necklace. Style #95272, $68
It didn’t come home with me today but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to resist it. I also saw the Bubble Necklace in Navy and it is gorgeous and a color I would pay full price for.
What do you think of these new items? Did anyone else find the fit of the Garden Floral Skirt big?
Have a Great Day!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I can’t believe March is almost here. I promise I’ve been getting dressed in actual clothes most days so here are a few good ones.

I cannot remember where I wore this but I was very happy with it. I think the orange and pink great together and the little hints of leopard sort of calm it all down. I had this scarf on my Christmas wishlist but I knew it would be a popular item so I bought it for myself. It has orange, pink and green and they all blend so well together.

J Crew Elodie Sleeveless Blouse, Bright Dahlia
J Crew Featherweight Cotton Cardigan, Orange
J Crew Lolli Pants, Bright Dahlia
J Crew Wool Scarf in Orange Blossom
Prada Leopard Flats
Leopard Belt
This is what I wore to my Anthropologie visit. It was a pretty warm day and I was happy to break out my new Loft purchases.
J Crew Cece Suede Ballet Flats, Wild Berry
We had a family wedding two weekends ago and I wore my $28 J Crewlet find, the Tinsel Lace Dress. And check out my handsome boy Young Man, who is wearing his first suit. It was a gift from his Godfather and I took it for alterations that came out great. He was pretty excited about it as well. 
On Me
J Crew Sequin Scarf Cardigan, Black
J Crew Tinsel Lace Dress
J Crew Crystal Colletto Necklace
Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps, Black
On The Boy
Jones New York Navy Pinstripe Suit
J Crew Shirt
Liberty of London for Target Silk Tie
I wore this last week and loved it. This was a surprise find for me from Old Navy. I love this dress so much I bought it in Printed Black, Solid Black and Solid Red aka Crimson and Clover. This was also in a gorgeous Grape color as well but it sold out quickly in my size. I will be wearing these dresses constantly through the Spring and Summer. The fit is amazing and the dress is a soft Cotton/Modal blend. This is also my first wrap dress. I really wanted this DVF dress but I will happily settle for 4 wrap dresses from Old Navy at $25 each!
The Limited Cami, White
Kate Spade Kiki Suede Wedges, Taupe

That “wraps” up some OOTDs from the past few weeks. Have you seen/tried the Old Navy wrap dresses yet?