With our usually mild Winters I try to wear sweaters and warmer clothes when the temps drop to the 60s. The Colorstack Sweater Dress {review} is a great option to wear with or without layers. It’s definitely not as itchy as I thought it would be. I have some Spanx on to help keep things smooth.
I love my Shirley Artisan Tall Boot and am wearing them every chance I can get.

I’ll probably add a thin turtleneck under or long cardigan over this dress the next time I wear it.

Have a Great Day!

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~ Cora Dress, Tory Burch (Equestrian Print) ~

I love this dress so much! It such a beautiful silk and the red is so vibrant. You can see my original review of it {here}. I knew as soon as I bought the Frye Shirley Artisan Boots that I would be pairing them with the Cora Dress. I love the look. Next time I wear this I will try it with leggings, belt it and throw on a long cardigan over it.

I was so tempted to get this in the Equestrian Print since I love the shape of this dress but decided against it. I don’t want to get tired of the print so the red print will do.

I am off to get ready for our neighborhood Christmas Party. I am thinking of wearing the Origami Skirt in Elephant Parade. I’ll be sure to post the Que Bella next week of whatever I wear.
Have a Great Evening!

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~ Cashmere Lizzie Tunic, Tory Burch (in gray, in black) ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch (one, two, three) ~
~ Quinn Ankle Bootie, Dark Cedar, J Crew Factory ~

The Cashmere Lizzie Tunic was one of the items I bought during the Tory Burch promo over the Thanksgiving week. It’s one I have been wanting to buy for a while and was able to find it on sale and with a promo. It’s so very soft in 100% Cashmere. The description states this is long-sleeved but I found it to be bracelet-sleeved. The v-neck isn’t so low that you are exposed. I don’t feel a cami underneath is needed. The Navy and Ivory stripes are a beautiful and striking combination and the all navy neckline helps make a nice contrast against them.

I ordered a Medium which is my normal size. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. I also bought this in Black for MamaBella. I think the Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace will be beautiful against the all Black Cashmere Tunic.

I very happy with my first Tory Burch Cashmere purchase. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a great dress I bought during the promo as well. 
Have a Great Afternoon! 

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Rounding out my Anthropologie visit are two pieces I loved when I tried them on.

~ Harvest Moon Poncho by Angel of the North, Maize, Medium ~
This sweater comes in Maize, Ivory, Moss and Raspberry. My store had this color and the Ivory, which I did not see but think I would like. The medium fit well but almost seemed a little big. When I tried the small, I liked the look of it much more. This has a cowlneck and buttons on the side to assist with the bat-wing sleeves. It’s a little difficult to add a vest over it but I managed. 

I’ve worn this twice already and it goes very well layered over J Crew’s Silk Sleeveless Blouse. I wear them all the time and they are almost like a second-skin now. I started adding a thin cami underneath since they tend to get a little static and clingy. I prefer the Seamless Cami from The Limited.

~ Sparkled Tulle Skirt by Moulinette Souers, Small ~
I never noticed this skirt in store until an SA brought it to me to go with the Harvest Moon Poncho. Because this is a pull-on skirt with an elastic waistband I was able to fit comfortably in the Small. There are sequined critters all over the skirt (Squirrel, Owl and a bird). The length hits just below the knee on me. I couldn’t resist this skirt so it came home with me. 
Here’s how I wore the Harvest Moon Poncho last Saturday. Husband and I went on a Brewery Tour in Austin. It was a lot of fun but a really long, tipsy day. The weather was chilly and misty all day. I added a long-sleeve tee as the first layer because the sweater is loosely knitted and not perfect for warmth by itself. The sweater matches almost exactly to one of the colors in the blouse. 
~ Pixie Pants, Navy, J Crew ~
~ Samual Boots, Corso Como ~
~ Excursion Vest, Navy, J Crew Factory ~
What’s on your Wishlist at Anthropologie? Anything I need to take a second look at? 

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Some days you just know you’ve created the perfect outfit. The outfit that makes you feel amazing and chic and puts a little more bounce in your step. The hair and make-up may not be perfect but that outfit, oh the outfit, you want to wear it, or at least recreate it, every single day. Some people have a knack for pulling clothes out of their closet and it just works. Every time. I do not have that ability. Creating that perfect outfit daily is something I cannot do without a little help from my friends. (Pinterest, the Stylebook App, Instagram, other Blogs).

But today, I loved what I created. I just bought the Harvest Moon Poncho over the weekend during the 20% off sweaters promo. I tried it on with this skirt (reviews coming soon) and loved it. It has that bat-wing, open-side, dropped/no shoulder trend/s going on. It’s see-though so layering is in order and it’s a turtleneck, something I stay away from. But the turtleneck is slouchy and wide. Pushing up the sleeves helps with the bat-wing and the Silk Sleeveless Blouse was the perfect layering piece. 

 ~ Harvest Moon Poncho, Anthropologie ~
~ Silk Sleeveless Blouse, Ivory, J Crew ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Quinn Suede Ankle Booties, Dark Cedar, J Crew Factory ~

I even have little bulldogs on my socks (J Crew). I don’t see them online but they were in the sale section in-store. There are Elephants, Bows and I also love these Anonymous Isom socks
I was totally comfortable all day long.
Now to figure out what to wear tomorrow.

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