Quite a few of my favorite purchases are currently on sale, plus the 30% 40% off Sale can be applied at checkout. There are some great deals to be had and all not Final Sale…yet!

Gold Stripe Mini Skirt, Size 8, $99
Cashmere Tee, Medium, Black (not on sale but 30%)

Mini-Bows Sweatshirt, Medium, $79.99 – Easily dressed up or down, I’m tempted to get another as a back-up.

Merino Fair Isle Sweater, Medium, Black/Natural, $79.99
Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Check, 8, $79.50
Matchstick Cord, 29, Sunwashed Sand, $69.99 (other colors are varied in price)

Embroidered Peasant Top in Green Plaid, 8P, $79.99

Italian Silk Secretary Blouse in Tapestry Print, 8, $199.99 – I don’t regret this full-price (with a discount) purchase but lucky you who will get this at sale price and 30% off, with no Final Sale.

Medallion Tie-Silk Skirt, 8, $99.99
Cece Leather Ballet Flats, 7, Black, $89.99 – Another item I’m considering ordering as a back-up. I wear flats so much and black flats are a necessary item in anyone’s closet.

Schoolboy Blazer in English Tweed, 10, $219.99
Ruffled Rhinestone Top, 6, White, $79.99

Silk Gingham Top, 6, $79.99 – Don’t accidentally put this in the wash as the silk will shrink and the Polyester lining will not. Not that I might have done that. Just giving you a little tip.

Collection Embroidered Neon Floral Skirt, 8, $169.99 – I cannot wait for Spring to wear this again. I thought about a Black Cashmere Tee but that seemed a little harsh against the neon bottom. If I figure out a way to wear this for Winter I’ll post the Que Bella.

And finally, this is not on sale but I am SO HAPPY I purchased the Tuxedo Topcoat!
Those are my “no regrets” sale items. Just a few of my favorite things this year.
Happy Shopping!

We are back from my wonderful West Coast vacation and with the exception of our Denver layover, we had a great time. Layering was key for this trip and I really loved everything I put together and wore.

Travel/Day 1 – This was my airport/airplane look. I then layered when we arrived in San Jose.
JC Matchstick Jeans, JC White Oxford, Kate Spade Bangle, KS Glasses Ring, JC Cece Ballet Flats

Once we arrived in San Jose, I added my Factory Clare Cardigan, Excursion Vest and Printed Airy Wool Scarf. It was perfect as the sun went down.

Day 2/Shopping Day – I was alone on Day 2 and spent the whole day shopping and eating on Santana Row. Loved it! I visited my first Madewell store as well as H&M and C.Wonder. AND! I experienced my first blow-out at Dry Bar. That was a lot of fun and a great way to start my shopping day!

JC Silk Blythe in Polka Dot, JC Jackie, Ankle Toothpick Jeans in Dolphin Gray, Lexington Blazer, Burberry Scarf, Cece’s, Michael Kors Cross-body Bag in Gray (found at TJ Maxx), Alex and Ani Bracelets

The scarf was good for the morning and I tucked it in my bag during the afternoon.

I found these Alex and Ani Bracelets at Nordstrom the day before I left on vacation. There were so many to choose from but narrowed it down to these three. I wore these every day except the travel days so I didn’t have to mess with them through security.

Day 3/San Francisco Drive – We took the scenic route to San Francisco so I wanted to be comfortable in the car.

All J Crew: Pixie Pants with Tuxedo Stripe, Drapey Crepe Tunic, Excursion Vest, Cece Flats, Deco Necklace (new, in-store)

Day 4 – We had brunch and then were off to explore a little of San Francisco.

JC Merino Pocket Tunic, JC Toothpick Jeans, JC Lexington Blazer, Michael Kors bag, JC Necklace

I changed for dinner into the Medallion Tie-Silk Skirt and Tippi Sweater. I debated on wearing the Janey’s but since I hadn’t broken them in like I thought I would I stuck with the Cece’s. I added the Lexington Blazer to complete this look.

Day 5/Travel – Headed back home and though I really wanted to wear those Toothpick Jeans again I opted for something a little more clean.

Madewell Shirt, Factory Clare Cardigan, Cropped Matchstick Jeans, Cece Flats

I tweaked my packing right before we left and overall loved everything I brought with me. They all mixed and matched so well. My favorite item HAD to be the Toothpick Jeans in Dolphin Gray. Who knew they would be extremely versatile? I will have to get another pair. I wore them 3 times on vacation and am wearing them again today. I didn’t wear a few items either including the Janey Flats. The Cece Ballet Flats in Black were THE.PERFECT.SHOE for everything I had, even the dressier skirt and Tippi Sweater. 
The weather was gorgeous and how Gigi described it, cool in the mornings and warming up in the afternoons. Layering was so key to everything and the Lexington Blazer was perfect for this trip. If I was warm it was not too heavy to carry on my arm, or put in my 10 cent bag. 
Have a Great Day! As soon as I find some time I’ll post some reviews of Madewell, C.Wonder and Anthropologie. 

I ordered a few things from the latest J Crew New Arrivals. Overall, I was under-whelmed, which is probably good because I am ready for the Holiday roll-out. But these items caught my eye and I wanted to share while the 25% off $150 was still going on.

Bonded Wool Varsity Sweater Jacket, Medium, Dusk/Indigo/Garnet – I was able to grab this in the morning at the promo price of $188 before the price went back up later in the day. It was a very last minute, didn’t-think-about-it, add to my cart and I’m so glad I purchased this. My lifestyle is more casual than I would like it to be so vests, lightweight jackets, jeans, etc. are more my Winter Style than pencil skirts, silk shirts and coats. This Sweater Jacket falls into my everyday-wear file.

I grabbed a Medium because I knew I would be layering.

The outside is a bonded lambswool and the inside is lined in a super-soft flannel. I couldn’t stop touching it as it felt so cozy.

Vintage Sweatshirt in Cheers, Small – The size Small fit me well and the sweatshirt is very cozy and comfortable. I don’t think I’d size to my normal Medium as this size seems slouchy enough, so size down one. 

Medallion Tie-Silk Skirt, 8 – This skirt was the first item to catch my eye in the November Style Guide. I was not a big fan of the inverted front-pleat but this print was too pretty to pass up. And I don’t mind the front-pleat at all. This came in Petites as well but due to the length difference (17 1/2 in for Regular, 16  in for /Petites), I stuck with my regular size 8 for mini skirts. 

If the length bothers you grab the Cafe’ Capri in the same print.

The Blue Medallions are on a Black background and I already see many of my Tippi and Cashmere Tees with this skirt.

Lastly, I stocked up on a few scarves from both Women’s and Men’s. 
Cashmere Plaid Scarf, Blue/Grey Plaid – There’s just something about having your neck wrapped in cozy cashmere that makes it feel like Fall/Winter.

Cashmere Double-Faced Plaid Scarf – Cashmere, cozy, plaid on one side, Houdstooth on the other…what more could you want?

Printed Airy Wool Scarf, Burgundy/Navy – I grab the Airy Wool Scarf every year. The colors always seem to go with what I’m buying for that season/year.

What do you think of the latest new arrivals? Waiting for Holiday? Added to your Wishlist? 
Have Great Day!