J.Crew has a great promo to go with the latest new arrivals. From now through Sunday, you can take 40% off your purchase using code HOLIDAY. This promo is good on almost everything, in stores and online. I plan on going to the store today so I hope I see a few more of these arrivals there.

~ Lace Peplum Top, Faded Teak, size 8 ~
~ Silk Twill Pants in Wolfstooth, size 8 ~

The size 8 of the Lace Peplum Top fit me well, so TTS, but I did not like where the line of the peplum hit. It’s at the waist and looks really unflattering on me. It could also be the color. The black might look a lot better on me. I would also wear a cardigan over this so that might also help with the look of it.



~ Silk Twill Pants in Wolfstooth, size 8 ~

Even though the pants are multi-colored I would still consider them a neutral. You can pretty much wear any top with these silk-twill pants. I don’t recall these being lined, which is not an issue for me in the South. I actually like the elastic waistband though you can see the pants bunch right below the waistline. The size 8 felt TTS for me, especially in this material. This material always gives me this fear of swishing when I walk a la George Costanza in his suit pants.


~ Bow-Shoulder Top in Festive Plaid, size 8 ~
~ Rayner Trouser, size 28 ~

So I didn’t really like the Gingham Bow-Shoulder Top but it must be that I’m ready for the Holidays since I really love this Festive Plaid version. This fits TTS and a pull-over style. I would certainly add a cardigan over it but I don’t know if I like it more than the other plaid tops I’ve purchased recently. I think the others I have fit better and look better on me than this bow-shoulder top. It’s a great deal with the 40% off.


~ Rayner Trouser, size 28 ~

This is only the second pair of the Rayner style pants and jeans that my store has received. I really wanted the wide-leg jeans that were full-length on me but I’m not sure these work. The size 29 was sold out so I grabbed the 28s. They fit well considering I am in a size down from my normal size. The length hits just below the ankle but not all the way to the floor. I think it fits ok but it’s the higher rise that seems to look odd on me. I know it would probably be covered up but there are other jeans out there that would work a lot better than these on me.


~ Marled Italian Wool Blend Turtleneck Sweater, Marled Cherry, Small ~
~ Party PJ Pant, size 6 ~

This is such an over-sized sweater and I love the cherry red color. The turtleneck wasn’t tight at all and this fit well in the Small. This has a dropped-shoulder seam and is a longer length, perfect for wearing with leggings. As reviewers have stated online, the seaming at the drop-shoulder bunches and seems thicker. It doesn’t want to lay flat and is going to be noticeable. Still, this cherry color is really pretty.


~ Party PJ Pant, size 6 ~

I saw the elastic waist on these pants and thought I could try a size 6. I was right and though the waistband stretches a little more that it probably should, the pants fit really well on me. I love the pajama-pant look and don’t mind that they are not cropped on me. I already have a gray wool pant with a tux-stripe so I am passing on these.


I also tried the Cropped Maddie Pant in Blackwatch and found those to run really small. I tried an 8 and the pants were tight all over. I would need to size up to at least a 10 in those.

I couldn’t pass up this promo and ordered these snakeskin shoes, these Santa socks, and this festive skirt. I have the same Santa socks from last year but they are red. I paid full-price for them last year so I couldn’t pass them up this year, with the HOLIDAY promo. The shoes were low-stock and I’ve been pining after them for weeks. I do wish they had been offered in other colors or patterns other than the snakeskin and plaid. The skirt is shown with this Thomas Mason shirt. You can easily recreate it with a white shirt and velvet ribbon tied at a few of the shirt buttons.

Are you going to knock out your Christmas shopping with this HOLIDAY promo?

J.Crew Holiday items have arrived. It took me a little while to get in to the store to try some of them on but I did it finally and I’ll have those up this week. My store had an “early Black Friday” event this past Sunday morning. You could take 40% off your purchase so I assume that is what the Black Friday, and maybe Cyber Monday promos will be.

Does it seem like there’s more Tartan and Holiday-style plaid items this year? I think it’s on almost every type of item. One of my favorites is the Maxi Skirt in Tartan though I’m sure it’s really really long and I’d have to take several inches off. The Lace Pants are back this year but the Factory also has Lace Pants, with an elastic waist and pockets. The retail pants have a scalloped hem and though they are both at the same starting price of $98, the Factory has them currently at 50% off. If you are only going to wear them once or twice a year, I’d go with the Factory Lace Pants.

It seems the faux fur stole is the holiday trend as I’ve also seen them being offered at Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Anthropologie. I love this striped pink stole from Urban Outfitters.

Through the end of today, you can take 30-40% off Holiday ready items, and 30% off sale, with code FESTIVE. What’s interesting is I can’t find anything that’s 40% off, in any of the categories. The details of the promo don’t even mention the 40% off. Just a bit sneaky if you ask me. I didn’t get anything from this promo. I’ll hold out for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday Promo to grab the Wolfstooth Dress.

Are you shopping the FESTIVE promo or waiting for the weekend?

J.Crew’s latest promo is SHOPNOW/SHOPCARD. You can take 25% off your purchase with SHOPNOW or 30% off if you have a J.Crew Credit Card, code SHOPCARD. There are a few exclusions but most of the new arrivals as on promo, which is great if you are already shopping for Christmas gifts. I couldn’t resist just a couple of things that will help me transition into what we call Fall around here.

~ Striped Boatneck T-shirt with Built-in Cuffs, Ivory/Navy, Medium ~

I liked the concept of this tee, with the piqué cuffs. But I was disappointed when I saw the Ivory/Navy color in person. The cuffs are white and I don’t really like that. I know they are supposed to contrast but the ivory is really creamy. I would have preferred the ivory in the tee be a little lighter. The fit is a bit off for me. The neckline seemed loose and would probably, eventually stretch. The body was loose as well. The cuffs covered my hands if I didn’t roll them up. I like the outfit as a whole and will use another striped tee I have to recreate this look.



~ Sammie Chino Pant, British Khaki, 30 Petite ~

I cannot believe I waited so long to try these pants in a Petite. I’ve finally found a cropped pant! They are a little loose in the front. I have the Sammie in Polka Dot, which wasn’t offered in a Petite. I would like to get another pair and wish these had been offered in navy or black. I don’t see myself wearing any of the other colors offered. As far as sizing, I would normally get a size 29 so I’m really happy the 30P worked out and fit almost like the 29.


~ Leopard Bow Sandals, size 7 ~

I’ve been stalking these since they showed up online. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay full-price for them knowing I they wouldn’t be a daily or weekly shoe. But at 50% off $100, I happily ordered them in a size 7. They run TTS and the heel doesn’t feel too high that I would be uncomfortable wearing them for a full day. Doesn’t mean I will chance that though. There are still some sizes left and they are still 50% off.




And here are a few more of my picks that are an additional 50% off with SHOPNOW.

I’ll chance wearing the Leopard Bow Sandals through Fall as long as the weather allows and then put them away for Spring. I also picked up the Tipped Lightweight Wool Jackie Shell. I plan on wearing it with the Perfect Shirt in Foil Dot from last year. Since I had that I didn’t get the Ruffled Popover version.

Are you shopping the SHOPNOW sale? I hope to have some in-store reviews for you next week but the closer we get to holidays, the busier my weekend schedule is.

J.Crew has lots of items from the early Fall rollouts on sale. All the cherry print items are on sale, plus an additional 30% off with code SALETREAT. I have worn the Flutter-Sleeve Top many times since I purchased it. I’ve been pairing it with an older Jackie Cardigan in Burnished Olive. Another print on sale is the Windowpane in Silk-Twill. Both the dress and top that I reviewed are now on sale.

There are some great items in the 50% off section as well like the Leopard Bow Sandals , which I ordered, or these Printed Multistrap Sandals (review). There are also quite a few of the brighter colors of the Wool Jackie available and the Harlow Sweater is also on sale.

Are you shopping this SALETREAT?

J.Crew had a roll-out of new arrivals this week and, overall, I was very under-whelmed by it. Other than the coats, which I don’t need, I didn’t add a lot to my wishlist. Collection had a few eye-catchers for me, like the Olivia Topcoat and the Down Parka. Who knew I would want pink faux-fur in my life? But let’s take a look at some of the items I did like.

I would pair the Oxford Skirt with the Tippi Sweater in Embroidered Stars. I really like that sweater. Of course, I wanted to get as many gold stars as possible in Elementary School so who wouldn’t want a gold star sweater? I am also happy to see the Vintage Crop Jean is back. I do hope it fits like the pairs from a few years ago. Also, I wish the Tunic Cable-Knit Sweater came in other colors. I would throw that over some of my shirtdresses. I do like the online styling of it with the curved hem of the Wool Double-Serge Mini Skirt.

Around this roll-out and the Holiday roll-out, I always look for warm socks. I have these from Anonymous Ism and a cute Santa pair of Chup socks. What do you think about the New Balance for J.Crew Performance? I liked the Striped Leggings and the Bitter Lemon color of the 711 Sneakers but that’s about it. I guess I just don’t think J.Crew when I need work-out gear, even though it is New Balance branded.

There’s a new promo for the weekend too. You can take 25% or 30% off with code SHOPMORE and includes sale items.

Are you shopping new arrivals or the SHOPMORE sale?