I had some HOA duties last week, including meeting with our Collections Attorney. I wanted to look presentable but not overly dressed up so I wore jeans and a silk blouse. The office is casual so it was a good fit for the time I was there.


~ Lexington Blazer in Ivory, J Crew (J Crew) ~
~ Trouser Jeans, GAP (Lucky) ~
~ Martina/Sylvia Wedges, J Crew Factory ~
Have a Great Day! It’s almost the weekend!

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I had a few people ask about the differences between the Retail vs Factory Scalloped Shift Dress. I have the retail version in Black and the Factory in Pale Citrus.

The material on both is a blend of Poly/Viscose/Spandex. The retail dress has 75% Poly compared to 62% in the factory dress. Also, the factory dress label states there is less Poly, more Spandex in the back than the front. The feel of the material is the same. I can’t tell a 13% difference between the two. Maybe the retail is a touch thicker but just barely.

You can see the shape is the same. I should have gone against a lighter background so you could see the retail shape better. Both have bra-keeps at the shoulders. Scallops are around the sleeves and hem.

There is maybe a touch difference in length, with the factory dress slightly longer. As you can see in the above pics, the dress is short in either version. Be careful bending over.

I really do see myself wearing the Pale Citrus. It looks good with the Lillian Sandals in Calf Hair {patent, suede, metallic}. I did end up returning the Navy dress as I kept the Ann Taylor dress in Navy.
Overall, the Factory Scalloped Shift Dress is a great, exact duplicate of the Retail version of this dress. 

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It looks like everyone took advantage of the 50% off Majesty Peacoat last week as it is now sold out. I have never needed more than one “Winter” Coat and the Italian Blazecoat has buttons that are hard to manage with cold fingers so I grabbed the Peacoat in Navy in a size 8.

The sleeves are about an inch-and-a-half too long so I will try to get to my tailor and have that fixed. I love the Cranberry lining. The size 8 fit well if just a touch snug under the arms. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to layer a sweater underneath but I’ve worn this a couple of times already (thanks Groundhog) with sweaters and haven’t been uncomfortable.

This coat is very warm. I had to go out of town for a party and it was really cold when I left so I kept my coat on. Not even 15 minutes into my drive I had to pull over and take it off. Normally I keep my Blazecoat on the entire time I’m out, even in my truck with the heater on.

I’m am certainly glad I joined the Majesty band-wagon. The Navy is the perfect color to go with almost everything casual I have.

I won’t even ask if you bought this but instead, what color did you buy? 

The Split Neck Dress in Windowpane has been tempting me for a few weeks now. My store never received it or the solid version as I might have ordered it sooner.

I ordered the size 8, my normal dress size, and it’s a great fit. I thought the split neck might show a lot of cleavage but not-so-much actually. It’s a wool/silk blend, lined in Poly and has bra keeps. Zipper is up the back and you can step in to the dress, which I always love, instead of throwing it over your head. The print seem to do a great job of concealing that little tummy pooch.


And lovely pockets! They don’t bulk out so they don’t add weight to the hips.

A big winner for me! Now to stalk for pop-backs in the solid Navy or Dark Pink.

I added the Silk Diamond Tile Skirt in my cart for a little ride-along with some Christmas gifts. I liked the print immediately in these colors. The silhouette reminds me of the Little Skunks Skirt, which I returned. I ordered a size 8 and the fit is good to slightly big. Currently the size 8 is sitting on my hips and it’s meant to sit at the waist.

The length is perfect and there is no puffing out at the waist or in the back at the booty.

I went in to the store and found the size 6. It is a much better fit in the waist. The length is a little shorter but still perfect for my height, sitting just above the knee.

I have been taking an 8 in skirts like this so I would recommend your smaller skirt size or if you are consistent, size down one. 
Because of the pink and blue colors this will transition well into Spring. It is also great to wear with tights, boots and a cozy sweater. 
There is also a Tipped Silk Tee and a Dress but in blues with no pink. The dress looks big. Normally the shift dresses are shorter in length on the models, the Jules Dress, but this dress is long on the model. It looks sloppy. 

Have you tried the Silk Diamond Tile Skirt? 
Have a Great Day!