My VPS wasn’t in the store the day I visited so I was on my own styling outfits. I was pretty pleased with myself when I came up with this next set, varying the outwear.

~ Excursion Quilted Down Vest, Heather Tigerlily, Small ~
~ V-Neck Cardigan with Floral Patch, Navy, Medium ~
~ Perfect Shirt in Plaid, size 8 ~
~ Sammie Pant in Corduroy, Masala Chai, size 8 ~


~ Excursion Quilted Down Vest, Heather Tigerlily, Small ~

The color of this is really a darker orange, IRL. It’s certainly a good match to burnt orange for Texas Longhorn fans out there. I have three of these in neutral colors – Black, from the retail; Navy from the Factory, and Wool Gray from the Factory. I prefer the original retail version, which is what the Factory version is now, both without the top pocket and gold buttons. The colors I have are pretty neutral and I switch them out often. There’s no change in the sizing in the excursion vest. I’m wearing my normal, retail and factory, size Small. This year, it is also offered with a corduroy trim. I saw it IRL but wasn’t a huge fan of it.


~ Campbell Blazer in Houndstooth, size 8 ~
~ V-Neck Cardigan with Floral Patch, Navy, Medium ~
~ Perfect Shirt in Plaid, size 8 ~
~ Sammie Pant in Corduroy, Masala Chai, size 8 ~

JC_SammieOutfit_2 JC_SammieOutfit_3

~ Campbell Blazer in Houndstooth, size 8 ~

The Houndstooth Blazer came out two releases ago and immediately went on my wishlist. My store finally got it in and I love it. I don’t have a Houndstooth blazer and I like that this one is navy and not black. And, this is offered in Petite sizing. The size 8 fits fine, though a little long in the arms so I would need the 10 Petite.


And just look at the polka dot lining!


~ V-Neck Cardigan with Floral Patch, Navy, Medium ~

J.Crew has done this tipped sweater for a couple of rollouts now. I haven’t bought any since I already have plenty of solid v-neck sweaters but I like that they added a little jeweled detail. Though you could accomplish the same thing with cute little Dragonfly Pin, that doesn’t really look like a dragonfly. This runs TTS, especially over a button-down.



~ Perfect Shirt in Plaid, size 8 ~

I have this Factory plaid shirt that I could use to make a similar outfit but I really like the tighter plaid pattern on this shirt. I’m fluctuating between 8 and 10 in button-downs right now. The 8 fit fine but I think I’d like the 10 or 10 Petite.


~ Sammie Pant in Corduroy, Masala Chai, size 8 ~

These pants are awesome! I think they are so flattering and they fit really well. My normal size 8 is a great fit and the length is full on me, which I don’t mind. I don’t know if I would try the 8 Petite to get the cropped look since these are such a great fit. I originally thought the pockets were sown shut but they actually have zippers. I didn’t really notice the rise being too high on these, compared to the Polka Dot. The Masala Chai color is what I’ll probably purchase, over the Navy.


The Sammie Pant in Corduroy is not included in the current WEEKOFSTYLE promo but the Polka Dot and Chino Pant are.

Have you tried the Sammie Pant in Corduroy yet?

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

In case you missed these on Instagram here are a few outfits I’ve been wearing but never fully photographed.

Embroidered Peasant Top, 8 Petite
Loft Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, 6/28
Converse Shoreline in Black, 7 – I have to give some mad love to these shoes. These are not your regular laced low-top Classic Converse. These have a little elastic in the back at the heel so you can slip them on. Or step on them and wear them as mules if you need to be quick out the door. Also, the laces are short and already tied in a knot so they won’t come un-done. If you’re tired of ballet flats and want some Sneaks GET THESE!!

I bought a White pair towards the end of the Summer and they were on my feet non-stop. Yes, they got dirty but were (and are) so easy to just throw in the wash to whiten them back up. Then I found out there was a Gray color and I searched high-and-low for them but never could find my size. So I settled on the Black color. That was until I received a F&F coupon to Converse and found out you can MAKE.YOUR.OWN! For only $70!!! My coupon was 30% off and usually those don’t apply to the Custom or Nike ID but it did this time. (Are you reading this S?) So now I have my Gray pair. I regret it now but did not add an ID to it. You can customize the entire shoe down to the interior lining (I added little black polka dots) and laces (gray instead of white). (Shout out to Ema too who loves her laced Converse. I know you were complaining about your laces.)

Here are they Gray ones I created along with a pair of The Boy’s many Nikes.

My Bundled Bella post was just the start of several days of bundling. Here are the other two days, one blue, one black.
Perfect Shirt in Navy Check, 8 (current one in Striped)
Tippi Sweater in Houndstooth, Medium
Cashmere Plaid Scarf in Blue/Gray Plaid
I was wearing my Matchstick Cords in Sea Salt which I wore again the next day. (Nobody saw me.)

Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Check, 8
Merino Fair Isle Sweater in Black, Medium
Cashmere Double-Faced Plaid Scarf
Excursion Vest in Black (last year), Small

Yup, the Matchstick in Sea Salt and my Harper Leather Boots. The purse is Michael Kors I found at TJ Maxx. It’s small enough but big enough, YKWIM?

I have a few more Insta-Outfits coming soon.

Have a Great Day!

Friday brought a crazy cold spell with the high temp happening at 1 a.m. and then dropping from there. It also brought rain which made the day cold and dreary. But, I was happy that I could finally bundle up, layer, wear sweaters and boots!

I added a cozy cashmere scarf, the Cashmere Double-Faced Plaid Scarf, and the Excursion Vest in Black to finish out my layering. 

Bundled Bella…that’s me!

Have a Great Evening! Stay bundled!

I was excited to attended another round of Style Sessions at J Crew Thursday night and tried on lots of new arrivals. So sit down and grab a nice big glass of wine and take a look.

Excursion Quilted Vest in Camo, Small – The collar is higher/larger this year than last year. I sized to a Small, just like last year’s version. I really like it and can’t wait for cooler temps.

Excursion Quilted Vest in Stripe, Small – If I hadn’t purchased the Camo Vest I would have snatched up this Striped Vest. I love the Crewcuts version of this vest with the Sherpa lined collar. Wish I could fit into those sizes. Umm, sooooo I might have bought the Factory versions in both Herringbone & Cranberry Punch so I don’t really NEED the Stripe vest. But if it makes it to sale….

Toothpick Jean in Distress Cone Denim, Size 30 Though I have gravitated to the Matchstick Jean, I am a fan of the Toothpick from year’s past. And I can’t get enough of distressed denim…though I should probably act my age on that thinking. I size up in the Toothpick as they are pretty skinny. As of this writing they are on promo for $108, from $135, I almost bought them but decided on a different pair instead.

Merino Tippi Baseball Sweater with Removeable Collar, Medium – We certainly are seeing a lot of this removeable/jeweled collar. It’s cute but not enough to make it to my Wishlist. It seems to fit a little tight in the arms in a Medium. I tried on the non-collar Baseball sweater below and it was slouchier/roomier.

Schoolboy Blazer in English Tweed, Size 6 – I knew I loved this the moment I saw it. I have a Robert Noble in Brown so I could justify this one, if I really needed to. But I will just add it to my Wishlist, since I have 4 new Excursion Vests to wear instead. This fit well but my normal size is an 8 in blazers/jackets to give me some wiggle room in the arms. 
Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic, Size 6, Ivory & Bright Cerise – This was a very cool tunic and something I would definitely gravitate towards. It’s not lightweight or see through and comes in your basic colors and a little pop (see the Bright Cerise below). I did notice a good snag on the Ivory I had on but I couldn’t tell you how easily it does snag. It isn’t a delicate feeling blouse. Wishlist in Black and Hammock Green. Check it out on Shop With M.
Contrast Knit Blazer, Size 6 – Though I’m wearing a 6 and you can see that the sleeves are a bit long and the arms are tight this was an unexpected love. I’d have to size to an 8 if I wanted to layer anything other than a short-sleeve or sleeveless blouse. Wishlist
Linen Bazaar Tee, Medium – Very cute tee but odd that a Linen Tee would be offered for Fall. Passed

Merino Tippi Baseball Sweater, Medium, Parsley Breeze – This is a great little casual Tippi to throw on with some jeans and, hmmm…what else? Oh, Excursion Vest! Purchase

Horsing Around Sweatshirt, Size Small – I could have sworn I had ordered a Medium in this for a roomier fit. The Small fits nicely but doesn’t have much room for layering. Purchased but deciding

Unknown Ruffled Collar Blouse, Size 8, IBL (Ivory Black?), #03535, $128 – This is so prim-and-proper for me but I LOVE IT! It’s not online so I may have to run back and grab this blouse. Absolutely adorable. Want now

Eaton Boy Trouser in Glen Plaid Wool, Size 6 – Love the fit of these pants! Though it’s supposed to be slimmer than the Cafe’ Capri, I did take my normal size of the Cotton version. I wear an 8 in any other blend of the Cafe’ Capri.  The solid in Pinot Noir is gorgeous! Wishlisted

An outfit idea with the Fluted Skirt in Double Crepe. I ordered this in Ivory as well.
Midrise Toothpick Jean in Carbon, Size 30 – I bought these instead but not in the store. When I came home after the event I naturally went online to see everything I had just tried on, read the descriptions, check out what else was on sale, etc. That’s when I found these, on promo for $88, down from $125. I ordered it along with a few other items, making these jeans $66…almost half off! I should have purchased a 2nd pair. 
They fit well and I really like the higher rise. I’ll have to get these hemmed just a few inches but adding $12 to that $66 is worth it.
Merino Leather-Pocket Sweater, Small, Black –  I don’t have a lot of Black items in my closet but am really loving the outfit below. I’ve lightened it so you can see how both the sweater and pants fit. I sized down to a Small and this fits great in that size. I think I would consider the Heather Granite over the Black but this color is growing on me. Wishlisted
Pixie Pant in Leather Tuxedo Stripe, Size 6 – Getting these pants on was hysterical. My friend Catalina was in the dressing room with me and I kept saying they wouldn’t fit and needed a bigger size and she kept telling me to “Keep Going. They’ll fit.” She was right. She did have to zip me up in the back but only because I was tired from all the tugging and pulling to get these things on. These felt like Spanx once I had them on. They seem to suck and tuck me in at all the right spots.
Silk Keyhole Top, Size 6, Bristol Blue – This color is divine! And goes so well with the Collection Cafe’ Capri Tile Jacquard. One thing about the top is the keyhole goes was cut down to my breast bone, showing my bra. I’d have to pin or tape this to stay shut somehow.
OH do I LOVE these pants! I’m wearing an 8 in the pants. Though there is a little room in the hips and legs while standing, when I sat down everything got a little tighter. The waist was a perfect fit. I will need to get them hemmed up as they are currently just about to hit the floor. I cannot wait to wear them. I have many Cashmere Tees and Tippi Sweaters to go with these pants, though I do love the blouse I have on in the pic too.

And of course they go with my Etta’s! I returned the mini skirt because I knew I would love the pants more.
All done! Finish your wine? So what have you tried on? What has caught your eye?