Anthropologie has their August arrivals online. During the “sneak peek” I added a bunch of items to my Anthro wishlist as well as my “Bella Wants Anthro” Pinterest Board. There are so many pretties during this roll-out.

I would say I am good on jeans but the Pilcro Stet Cropped Flare Jeans are some I just need to try. It didn’t help that I had a gift card still to use. The Pilcro Stet Jeans are some of my favorite pair so I have no doubt these will become my new favorite pair. I tried the Maeve Tesni Swing Tank on in the store over the weekend in the Blue Motif, which has lipsticks all over it. The size 6 was a great fit on me. Not too tight across the chest or digging at the armpits.

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As much as I loved a lot of the dresses, I have enough “party” in my closet. But, I did order the Bailey 44 Maren Midi Dress. I don’t own a trench coat or really even need one but I absolutely love the Eva Franco Ferryside Linen Trench in Raspberry. 

What are you loving from the new Anthropologie August roll-out?

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I must have had this outfit in my sub-conscience when I put these pieces together. These three pieces are still so easy to put together. Even with the longer length of the Striped Infinity Shirt. I wore of version of this outfit all the time through the Fall, using a cardigan similar to the University Sweater instead of a pull-over sweater.

Current Sweater/Top Size: Medium
Current Skirt Size: 8

~ Mixed-Media Merino Sweater, Navy, Medium ~
The Factory version of this sweater is Merino wool like it’s retail counterpart. The back stripes are more faded on this sweater though. The Medium was the best fit as I would probably layer this more than wear it alone. The Navy is a nice color and also comes in Stone and Heather Graphite. 
~ Striped Infinity Shirt, Endless Red Stripe, Medium ~
This looks pretty much like it retail sister as well. In fact, all three items are great duplicates of the retail versions. Makes me wonder if these will transition as Mercantile items? Anyway, the size Medium is a nice fit and not pulling anywhere. The sleeves are long and I have them cuffed. My store didn’t have it but I like and prefer the Sleeveless  version more, though it only comes in Navy in the stripe. 
Pleated Skirt, Navy, size 8 ~
This is a total recreation of the retail version. I can’t tell the difference. I love my Distressed Quartz as well as the Black. I regret not getting the Navy version but will get this one along with the Warm Mineral Color. The size 8 is the right size in the Factory version. It’s what I took in the retail version. Here are several outfit ideas.
The length is my preferred length at just above the knee.

High-fives all-around for all three of these items! What do you think? 

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I did not realize until after I was in the fitting room that I grabbed the wrong top to try on with the Quilted Wool Puffer Vest. But I do like the overall look, even if I’m wearing a Sleeveless Blouse. Let’s see how it all fits.
Current Shirts Size: 8/Medium
Current Skirt Size: 8
Current Vest Size: Small
Sleeveless Blouse, Ivory, size 6 ~

I have the retail version of this blouse, in silk, in almost every color. I sold the Ivory and Rose colors since those were a little sheer. This Ivory blouse looks White IRL and I am very pleased that it does not seem as sheer as the retail Ivory color. The size also is the same as the retail, as I have them all in a size 6. I would probably get this color and the Deep Orchid. 

I am always a size 8 in mini skirts, especially if they are a square with no shape. This one is no exception. The colors look to be pink and grey/blue with metallic gold mixed in. This is a mini skirt so it’s short. I don’t have a need for it but it is very nice IRL. 

This is different from the Quilted Puffer Vest in that the body of this is a wool or wool-blend or a poly made to look like wool. It’s not shiny or very smooth in texture. It fits like my other Vests in a size Small. I am so happy I ordered this during the Early Access when it was 30% off. The vests are rarely included in any promos. I couldn’t even use by 20% off Birthday coupon on it. The in-store promo was only $10 off.

What do you think of these three items? I know the store had 40% off shirts and I believe skirts as well. Prices fluctuate during every sale or promo it’s hard to pick the right one to get the best price. Of course, the Factory in-store 50% off is probably the best promo but that is averaging on once a quarter.
Have a Great Day!

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As promised, here are reviews of three dresses I tried on last week. Before we get to that, did anyone else see the J Crew Factory heading with the new tag line of “The Online Home of J Crew Mercantile“? There’s a little more information about that here that also announces a store opening in Dallas this month. Very interesting, don’t you think?

Current Dress Size: 8/Medium

Floral Piqué Dress, size 8 ~
Well, let’s talk about the obvious first. The v-neck is very low cut showing an abundance of cleavage. Even on the model image at the dresses landing page it looks low. As pretty as this dress is, it’s definitely not a work or church dress. You’d need to button your cardigan to the top. 
Despite the cleavage, the dress is really pretty. I love the print and am happy that it comes in a pencil skirt as well as the Boardwalk Pull-on Shorts, a Printed Scarf and a Tumbler. The size 8 didn’t fit me. I couldn’t get the zipper past the seam on the waistline. Of course, sizing to a 10 or 10 Petite would only add to the neckline issue but I think either of those sizes is what I need. Maybe I could have it brought up from the shoulders to help raise the neckline? 

The material is a piqué cotton and seems very well constructed. It’s also lined and has pockets. I noticed on the stock image the skirt has pleats but it doesn’t on the dress in-stores. The length hits me just above the knee. Despite the neckline issue, I really like this dress.

~ V-Back Ponte Shift Dress, Fresh Raspberry, Small ~
I liked the fit of the Small though I would wear some Spanx to smooth things out. The Fresh Raspberry color is very pretty IRL and this also comes in Grey and Midnight Shadow. The length is about two inches above the knee and will hike up a little more when you sit down. Since this is a ponte-knit you could stay in your normal size, which for me is a Medium. 

~ Drapey Knit Dress, Heather Pewter, Small ~
I was unsure about the drapey part of the dress, since it looks like a wrap, but it is just another piece of material over the full body of the dress. The Small actually fit quite well and I’d stay with that size. The length is about two inches above the knee on me. The Woodland color looks very pretty for a Fall season transition. The material is a cotton-blend and feels soft, not scratchy but not jersey either. 


I really wish the Floral Piqué Dress had worked out, especially since dresses were an additional 40% off in-store.

Which of these dresses are you interested in? What do you think about J Crew Mercantile?

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I was not able to try these next few shoes on but I did want to share some pics of them so you can see what the look like IRL.

These immediately caught my eye both online and in-store. The navy and burgundy stripes are so very menswear-style. 

I was surprised at how much I liked these IRL. I thought that the calf-hair looked a little cheap in the online pics but IRL they are really nice. You can see the pattern doesn’t match but I don’t mind that as much since spots are not tiny.

These were interesting. I’m not sure how much I like the colors of the stripe pattern. I guess if you needed to jazz up a neutral outfit these would be good. I’m on the fence with these 

I’ll have some dresses reviews, including the Floral Piqué Dress, later this afternoon.
Happy Shoes-day!

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