J Crew: Rhodes Blazer in Italian Wool, Margot Top in Airy Cotton Pique’, Mini Skirt in Pink Houndstooth

I went matchy color again in pink with this next outfit.

~ Rhodes Blazer in Italian Wool, Wild Flamingo, size 8 ~
~ Margot Top in Airy Cotton Pique’, size 8 ~
~ Mini Skirt in Pink Houndstooth, size 8 ~

These images do not do the Wild Flamingo color justice. It is so nice and bright IRL. Compared to the Lexington Blazer I have in a similar color, the Lexi is just a little duller. The blazer runs TTS and since there is a Petite offering I would get the 10 Petite. The buttons are gold metal, very lightweight and cheap. But we already knew that. No Lexi buttons on these blazers any more. There are matching wool pants as well. I have the Lolli Pants from a few years ago and still wear them, usually around the holidays.

~ Mini Skirt in Pink Houndstooth, size 8 ~

I completely forgot to take detail of the mini skirt. I love the pink houndstooth and the French Blue of the Margot Top goes well with it. I didn’t like the red houndstooth skirt last year, with the black piping. But this pink is so pretty IRL. This is a mini skirt and hits me a few inches above the knee. It’s also lined. There’s also a matching Campbell Blazer and heels.


Check out that striped lining…


~ Margot Top in Airy Cotton Pique’, French Blue, size 8 ~

This fits much better in the size 8. If you are between sizes, take the larger of your two sizes. You can see the front ruffles are a little more fluffy than they probably were right out of the bag. I’m guessing they were steamed just a little bit. I’ve steamed the ruffles on my silk foulard blouse and it just makes the shirt so much more feminine. The material on this is cotton and feels nice and soft. One thing I forgot to mention in my other review is that there is a hook-and-eye closure at the top of the neckline. It is also offered in white.


~ Merino Wool Sweater Blazer, Heather Dusk, Small ~

I wasn’t a huge fan of this sweater blazer once I saw it in-store. It runs big and you can see the Small is still a little big through the chest and body. I don’t mind the popped collar on this though I’m not sure how you would wear it not popped. Overall the sweater blazer seems too stiff. I guess I was expecting this to be more cozy sweater. It also comes in navy.


Have you tried any of the Margot Tops? What do you think of the pink houndstooth?

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  1. Tati
    August 25, 2016 / 12:49 pm

    Hi AB, I really like how you’ve styled all of these pieces, the colors really work nicely, including the shoes. I finally got a chance to try on the silk Margot, but sizing was off for me (in Regular). I need to try it on in Petite b/c i kept getting that full, billowy look when I tucked it in, which is what I usually do with tops like these. The Petite will help cut down on some of the fabric.

    I did see the Pink Houndstooth skirt in store last week, but it didn’t beckon me for a fitting! I wish the pink had been a softer shade maybe. That’s OK though, I need to keep things off my Wishlist, not add to it! :-p

    Agree about that sweater blazer — too bad they seemed to make it one-purpose only (with the popped collar) b/c that would’ve made a cozy piece.

    I really like that Wild Flamingo color, but wish they had issues in other summer pieces. I think that color has potential to look out of place here in NYC, come fall. 🙁

  2. Tiffany
    August 25, 2016 / 5:20 pm

    I loved the Margot top! I haven’t tried it in cotton yet, but I did get it in the navy silk and the foulard silk. Love them so much. Debating getting a few more for work!

    • audreybella
      August 26, 2016 / 4:59 pm

      Tiffany – I think those Margot tops will be perfect for everything. The cotton really is soft and comfortable. For now, I have the foulard silk but want that navy!

  3. anon
    August 26, 2016 / 7:45 am

    Love that pink houndstooth!!! I may have to get that!