Cocoa Cozy

We had our good first nip in the air so I thought it was time to finally have some hot cocoa. We all have a Monogram Mug from Anthropologie. I add a single pack of cocoa in with each mug and give them as gifts at Christmas. I think everyone in my extended family has their own Monogram Mug now. Of course the Basketball or Football Mugs are fun for kids who can “shoot” or “pass” their marshmallows.

These marshmallows from Sur La Table were a hit at Christmas last year. They do take a little time to melt in your mug though. These Snowmen are cute too. And don’t forget the peppermint!

If you prefer to stay a little warmer for longer then you might want to pick these up.

Or how about a nice hot bath? I’ve got you covered there too!


There are no excuses to not stay Cocoa Cozy!