J Crew: Boy Shirt in Classic White, Tippi Sweater, Patio Pant in Violet Poppy

“I don’t need another pair of pants. I don’t need another pair of pants.” That was my mantra as I fell in love with the Patio Pant in Violet Poppy.

~ Tippi Sweater, Lemon Zest, Medium ~
This was one of the styling ideas my store had set out for the First Look event. I would not have paired this color with the pants but after a little closer look at the print, there is a subtle yellow-green color in the print.

I like the fit of the Medium, especially since I layered the Boy Shirt underneath. That fit TTS as well in my normal size 8. The Lemon Zest color is bright and I debated on whether or not to buy it. After my VPS and I talked about all the sweater colors I have already, I decided to wait on getting this color. I could probably find this cheaper somewhere else, especially since I may only wear it with these pants. We’ll see.

~ Patio Pant in Violet Poppy, size 8 ~
~ Gemma Glitter Flat ~

I tried on both the size 6 and 8. Since this is Polyester with no stretch the pant has no give. Because of that the size 6 was too tight. That makes me suspect the 8 Petite might not fit as well as I would prefer. The size 8 is a nice fit with the length about 1 1/2 inches above the floor on my 5’2″ frame. I would rather buy the size 8 and have them hemmed to be cropped instead of sizing to the Petite. But I like the length as is on these though they might look a little odd with heels instead of flats. Did I mention they are lined?

So, who’s a Seinfeld fan? Remember the episode where George bought a suit at a great price and it turned out the pants rustled when he walked? Yeah, these are George’s pants. Not as exaggerated but the Poly material makes a little noise when you walk. I probably wouldn’t hear the end of it from Husband.

All the Violet Poppy options…

I don’t need another pair of pants but these are so lovely. It’s the print really so I’ll have a review of the A-Line Mini Skirt in Violet Poppy tomorrow, along with several color-styling options.

Happy Shopping!


  1. October 24, 2015 / 10:57 am

    liked the print, but not the fabric

  2. October 24, 2015 / 6:39 pm

    LOL, love the mantra. Did it work? That is a really gorgeous print. I'd probably overlook the 'noise', as they look so good on you.