J Crew: Collection Japanese Raffia Tank, Linen Embroidered Tassel Short

~ Collection Japanese Raffia Tank, Champagne, Medium ~
I originally wanted the Navy in this tank but I received the dreaded “Wish we had enough” email when I did place an order. This tank went on sale last week and there was the Champagne color in a Medium available. I decided to take a chance and order even though it wasn’t my choice of color. 
This is a sweater and the fringe is made to look like raffia, though it’s not. It really does resemble natural raffia in this Champagne color. It’s only when you touch it that you know it’s man-made. The fit in the Medium is perfect. The tank is fitted so a Small would have been too tight. I’m not really liking the raffia tiers at the chest. I think those could have been spaced out a little more or done away with altogether. The raffia does also go all the around the tank. 

These are a really cute dressy short option for Summer. The thread used for the embroidery is a mix of black, tan, metallic and blue. The tassels are black and ivory. I’m getting used to the elastic waist offerings J Crew is doing for Retail and Factory though I still think it’s laziness to do. 
The Medium fit well though I think if you have a smaller booty or thinner thighs than me you could size down. There are no pockets on these shorts so the line is straight up-and-down. I think that if you do size down the inseam will also look like the normal 3-inch inseam. Because I went with the Medium the inseam looks longer. They are also lined in cotton to minimize the see-through of the linen. 
It kind of goes with the Collection Japanese Raffia Tank but I think the embroidery along with the tassels and raffia make it all a little too busy. There’s also a skirt option instead of the shorts, with the tassels at the hem.
I ended up returning both the tank and shorts. The tank wasn’t the color I wanted so I don’t think I would wear it enough to justify the still $100+ cost. The shorts were fine and I also bought them with a good promo but I have so many pairs of shorts I think these would get lost in shuffle. I also gravitate towards my shorts with navy the most. 
Have A Great Evening!

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  1. June 17, 2015 / 8:37 pm

    Thanks for the reviews. They really did do a good job making the fringe look like real raffia.
    I didn't realize the shorts had pom poms on them. Nice to know that the shorts are lined and I like the graphic design. I'm not a fan of either item, but do appreciate their uniqueness.

  2. June 18, 2015 / 1:33 pm

    This tank has been on my radar and I have been watching for my size to popback. Thanks for the great review.