J Crew: Sleeveless Silk Shell in Aquatic Floral, Slouchy Boardwalk Pant, Slouchy Boardwalk Pant

It’s a little odd seeing April New Arrivals before mid-March; almost like seeing Christmas items in July. But that is what rolled out today at J Crew. To tease us that Spring is almost here, there’s a new pretty floral print, the Aquatic Floral. One of the Store Managers said there will be a new floral print each month. So far there has been the Retro Floral, Firework Floral, Graphic Peony Floral prints so that seems about right. I stopped by my store’s “First Look Event” in the evening and was disappointed in the planning and execution of it all but I’ll talk about that in a bit.

This one was really pretty in person. The aqua with the yellow and white was very Spring-like. The size 6 fit well on me so take your normal size. This has hidden buttons up the front and is a pull-over style. It definitely pops with white bottoms. I also liked it with the black Lace Trim Short. This shirt style comes in Solid colors and Pin Dot, neither of which I saw in my store. 

~ Slouchy Boardwalk Pant, White, size 6 ~
These are a Tencel/Linen blend pant with a partial elastic waist. They feel a little like linen but I’m assuming the Tencel will help it wrinkle less. The size 6 fit well but then I tried on the size 8, below, and that fit just as well; maybe just a little bit looser. I liked the fit and feel of these but not sure about the elastic waist. In the 6, I still have to un-hook, un-button and un-zip to get them off. I can slide them over my hips in the size 8. You can see the 28-inch inseam goes all the way to the floor with some bunching at the ankle on me. 
~ Slouchy Boardwalk Pant, Quartz Grey, size 8 ~
I thought the color would be Mint-something but instead are Quartz Grey. They look minty. The Aquatic Floral print looks good with it too. The pockets do lay a little flatter in the size 8. 
Wearing with the Marlow Mules in Seashore Beige.
Now, about the “First Look” “event”…I have no idea what VPS were on hand to help me. My VPS nor the other VPS I know were there. I have no idea who the other ones are but no one was identified as one. I wasn’t offered a “snack” until I was leaving. Not sure if they were there in the beginning. The only thing to identify it was an event was a large “First Look, New Arrivals” sign at the front of the store. 
I understand there are budget constraints and such but don’t send an email inviting me to come to the store and then fall flat on it. It was a beautiful evening to get out and the weather was pretty mild. I would open the doors. Add balloons at the front entry. Snacks should be in the middle of the store with water bottles. I have no idea where they were. Finally, there was no promo like there has been in the past at these “events”. Usually there’s a “Spend $150, get 20% off” or something like that. If there was a promo like that I was not informed. Shirts were 25% off but that only included button-downs and not the Sleeveless Silk Shell or any others like it. Shorts may have been on promo but only certain ones.
The weather has been so crappy lately and yesterday evening was one of the nicer ones. There were so many people out and about but unless you walked in the store and saw the sign at the front, you would have no idea an event was going on. I was just disappointed completely which carried over to the try-ons and eventual non-purchase of anything. They need to take a few leads from Anthropologie or Madewell. Those events are just so much more entertaining. 
I liked the new stuff but not enough to pay full-price for any of them. Only one item, which I’ll review later in the week, is warranted enough for a full-price purchase for me. I am afraid it will sell out so I’ve already ordered it. If it lasts to a promo then I’ll re-order or try to get a PA with my VPS. 

So, what do you think of the new Aquatic Floral print? What about the new arrivals? Anything you have to have now?

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  1. March 11, 2015 / 8:09 pm

    Thanks for the reviews. I am interested in the Boardwalk pant and Sleeveless shell, too. I'm looking for a comfy pant alternative to all the skinny stuff that's been around lately.
    Sorry the 'Event' was a bust. I'm glad I didn't bother go to our local one. I would have been really disappointed by the lack of a promo. I'll just wait for one on-line.

    • March 12, 2015 / 1:13 pm

      maryeb – The Boardwalk Pant was comfortable and I didn't feel it grabbing anywhere that would indicate they run skinny. Because of the material they are dry clean only. I know I would forget and run them in the wash once and turn them into Skinnies.

  2. March 11, 2015 / 8:22 pm

    That is so frustrating! I have had some not so great experiences in store lately as well so it seems like the only reason I go now is to return things. Thanks for all your great reviews lately! It seems we are interested in similar things and are also about the same size.
    This is off topic but I wanted to ask you about the Pilcro jeans from Anthro that I think you have mentioned before. The Stet Slim ankle. Have you tried the Stardust wash? They are marked down right now and I was thinking of trying them bust some of the reviews suggest they run small…

    • March 12, 2015 / 1:11 pm

      Lauren – I'm glad you enjoy the reviews. As for the Stardust wash in the Pilcro Stet, they are the Slim Ankle and I did buy them. You can see them on me here. I took the same size I did with my other I found over the Summer, size 29. That's also my JC Toothpick size. They do stretch some so take that into consideration. I love having this lighter wash.

  3. March 12, 2015 / 12:45 am

    I never go to the events at the local store here. My guess is that most of the staff don't know how to put on an event and were given a limited budget to get some "snacks" (which is what my invitation said that they would have). I agree with others that the in-store experience is not always that great. I usually go to return items as well (and there are usually others doing the same thing). The have some SA that are friendly and helpful and some that aren't, so it's better to order online. I really don't love April's floral pattern. I think it's pretty, but it's not something that I would wear for more than a couple times and then get tired of it. I like the lightweight camp shirt in whisper lamé, the navy leather thong sandals, the black reversible bomber jacket (BR has a jacket that I l like as well and it is less expensive with the 30% off right now), There are a couple of skirts I like, but so many of them are poly with poly lining, and that would be a little warm for summer (if the temps ever warm up that much here). I hate to purchase items with no promo, but if I like an item, sometimes I purchase it, and if it's within a week (usually is), I get a PA. Thanks for all your reviews.

    • March 12, 2015 / 1:20 pm

      CC – The management there is all pretty new. I've been to an event before and it was an EVENT. Good music, snacks and drinks and just fun overall. The Camp Shirt is very sheer and lightweight. I'll have that review coming up. I agree about the Poly lining. It's a deal-breaker for me if I know I'll wear the skirt in the Summer.

  4. March 12, 2015 / 2:22 pm

    I did add a few items to my wishlist yesterday but I honestly can't remember most of it so I probably won't buy much from this rollout. I really like the ice quartz necklace but I really don't want another statement necklace. I'm debating if I should get the bracelet, but I don't really need another one of those either and I don't wear bracelets like I used to. If they had it in an earring or ring, I would have snatched it right up. I also like the open stitch sweater in the mint color but I think I should try that on in person to get an idea of the fit and to see just how open that stitch really is.

    I don't know what I was expecting, but I completely agree with your disappointment in the "party" J.Crew had on Tuesday. There was a sign outside the door about new arrivals but no one was greeting costumers as they came in, there were random racks around the store and I have no idea if they had new items or not, there was no promo and I saw cupcakes…but they were behind the cashier stations. I walked around to check out some things but left without trying anything on. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that they would advertise this as some kind of party and it was nothing of the sorts. It is not often that J.Crew would even have this type of thing, you would think they could put some level of planning and effort into it.