Que Bella – Frequent Use

I really cannot get enough of the Harvest Moon Poncho. It would have to be my favorite Winter purchase this year. Especially the Maize color. I honestly did not think I could find anything to wear with this color. It turns out, it’s just as versatile as the Ivory I purchased. The sweater color is perfect to bring out the mustard yellow color in the Plaid Shirt.

I have been switching from this darker color of the Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle Jeans and the lighter color that’s currently available now. I love the fit of them and they work so well with all my short boots.

See other outfits with the Harvest Moon Poncho here.

I need to figure out what I am going to do with my Short Chalet Boots. I love them and have worn them almost every day in Winter for the last three years. I like these over Uggs because they aren’t as wide-looking as Uggs. I bought a different-brand replacement insert I was hoping would fit but it was too snug. If I size down on the insert I think I’ll feel it. I’m so sad that it may be time to retire these boots. Any suggestions on shearling boots that aren’t too chunky and wide-looking?

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